Two More Videos

In a comment on that last video, Arkonbey recommended a video by Marcus Brigstocke. It’s absolutely worth watching, so I thought I’d elevate it to the top for everyone to see.

I then went shopping around on YouTube for another video worth posting. Here’s Penn & Teller plus Michael Shermer.

9 Responses to “Two More Videos”

  1. Parrotlover77 Says:

    That video was awesome. He really hit it at the end. Non-fundie religious people need to stop enabling the fundies. I know several religious people who are perfectly sensible most of the time, but stop just short of criticizing (for example) Pat Robertson — I’m assuming because they fear insulting somebody who maybe, just might be “holy.” It’s not that they necessarily agree with what he says, it’s just the “Christians need to stick together” tribe mentality.

  2. Arkonbey Says:

    Brigstocke’s also got a good one about global warming skeptics. He ends it with an argument that I’ve been using for years.

    The second video reminds me of the ‘This I Believe’ essay by Penn. Also worth listening too. It’s lacks bombast, but it is articulate and, to me, quite moving.

  3. RayCeeYa Says:

    One of the more common memes in the supposed war between secularism and Christianity is the idea that teachers aren’t allowed to teach the bible in school or that the bible is somehow banned from the classroom. This is complete bullshit. When I was in high school (a public high school) we studied several passages from the King James addition. But this was in Literature class.

    The bible is a book. Possibly the most popular book in history but still just a book. To look at the bible as a literary work is to put it into a more proper context. In that class we compared passages from the King James version to several pre-King James versions. How can the bible be the word of god if it was re-written by King James?

    It is a book. Written and re-written by human beings and it should be viewed as such.

  4. Arkonbey Says:

    RayCeeYa: The problem is, you’re looking at it logically 😉

    I was talking to my best friend, who still attends the Congregationalist church we both grew up in and whenever he meets a bible literalist, he tries to logic them with the ‘game of “telephone”‘ argument.

    It doesn’t often work.

    (just have to add my thought on the ‘men lay with men’ passage. If it was SO damned important that men don’t lie with men that gays have to be persecuted, why the heck wasn’t it a COMMANDMENT? Oh, sure, they’ll kill and covet, but they won’t dare be nice to a gay guy or lesbian).

  5. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I got an email forward from a fundie relative the other day about a boy and his dog and the boy went to school but had to leave the dog outside, then God walks up to the dog and says, “They won’t let me in either.” AGH! MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!

  6. Arkonbey Says:

    ParrotLover77: You should have told her something like: “that’s right, because both or either would disrupt the children’s education”

  7. commander other Says:

    bastard. thanks to you and you-tube, i have been watching videos all damned day. luckily, i’ve managed to get some work done, too.


  8. The Watcher Says:

    I disagree with regards to the moderate religious people. If you’re a plain, average, ordinary guy, non-fundie but does the Jesus thing, and you defend Robertson and the Hate Squad, you’re not moderate. I know plenty of moderate religious people who think that Robertson is a wackjob and that Don Wildmon needs to shut the hell up. These people I have no problem with.

    Come to think of it, religious people who won’t tell me what they think of these people also really don’t bother me. Your opinion is yours to have and if you don’t want to share it, that’s fine with me. Not hurting me any.

  9. Stu Says:

    I think Ray has touched on something worth exploring….why not “teach” these religious texts in schools, but do it in the arena of literature? That way when all is said and done, the students who were supposedly “learning scripture” will actually be learning that this scripture is nonsensical and filled with hatred. Take it out of the context of “Oh, The Almighty Holy Book, given to us From On High…” and put into the context of, “Oh yeah….that book? Yeah, it’s actually not very well written…it’s quite confusing, actually. And when stacked up next to other forms of LITERATURE, it doesn’t measure up at all.”

    Love the videos….Brigstocke really hit it home with that one. We’re all told that we have to respect these people, but why? Because they believe in the fairy tales that the rest of us won’t? I personally don’t care what they believe, but like Brigstocke said, I’m sick and tired of being dragged along for this ridiculous ride into crazy town. These people are always trying to show everyone else how they’ve suffered for their faith and how that then should equate to them being given anything they want and being allowed to do whatever they want…I don’t care anymore. They can’t handle that kind of power. They’ve shown the rest of us that this is true, time and time and time again.

    And it’s important to remember, these people DO NOT have the same tolerance for secular people that secular people are told to have for them.

    It really is depressing and pathetic to think about all that mankind is missing and will never experience due to this myopic, paranoid, ignorant, hate-filled circus that the world continues to stubbornly adhere to…