No Trucks

In response to my last post, I received an email from a reader named Mike:

Seeing the parking signs reminded me of one I found along the Kansas/Missouri border, just north of Oklahoma.

No trucks

Obviously, this was put up by a fundie with a sense of humor. It’s nice to see that some of them actually do have a sense of humor. It’s easy to forget that, since most of the times I encounter them, they’re trying to or actually doing something to damage our freedoms.

(It is a joke, right? Right?)

And along with that last post, I was saving the image below. I was going to put it into the comments, so most of you wouldn’t have to endure another awful pun, but hey! I have to dull your senses, so you won’t pull your hair out every time you encounter a fundie in the real world. It’s the same as the dentist giving you novocaine. What you have to endure is too horrible to suffer through unless your senses are dulled. Here’s your novocaine:

Toad away

Now get out there and survive another day in Jesusland.

One Response to “No Trucks”

  1. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Bad puns are fine — even funny — as long as they are accompanied by cute animals. It’s an internet rule or something, I’m sure!