Adam, Steve, and the Carnival of the Liberals

Carnival of the Liberals

The 58th Carnival of the Liberals is now up over at Liberal England.

My favorite article from this edition is “Love, Marriage, and the Church” by Seth Pickens. Seth is Associate Pastor at Shiloh Baptist Church in Harlem, New York. In this excellent article, he advocates tolerance for gays, and he discards the silly “Adam and Steve” argument put forth by the bigoted.

Speaking of Steve…

This is unrelated to the Carnival, but Seth’s article reminded me of the very first real article I wrote for this blog. If you want to see some vintage Bay of Fundie (circa 2006), delve into the archive and check out “Adam and Who?” It’s a tongue-in-cheek (just don’t ask which cheek) “proof” that God really did create Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve.

One Response to “Adam, Steve, and the Carnival of the Liberals”

  1. Seth Pickens Says:

    Glad you enjoyed that article and the deadening of “Adam and Steve” arguments.

    The “Adam and Who?” piece is a classic, and so is the symbol for radical Christianity. All the best.