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Jeff Eyges has been haranguing me for about a year to improve the commenting feature of this blog. I don’t like spending time maintaining the blog. It tends to frustrate me, and it’s time I could be spending writing articles. Improving the commenting, therefore, was a low priority, even though I knew it was desirable.

To prod me into action, way back in July, Jeff even took the initiative to find a WordPress commenting plugin I could use. By “find”, I mean he said “Why don’t you do it like Hemant?” He then emailed Hemant to find out what he used and forwarded his reply.

OK! OK! I’ll get right on that. As soon as I write that next article. And the one after that. And somehow we ended up in January.

It’s called Ajax Edit Comments. I actually had to pay for this thing, so it had better work. Let me know if it doesn’t. I’d write more about it and tell you all the wonderful things it can do, but I’m tired of this topic already. I’ve spent 200 hard-earned words on this article and haven’t smacked one fundie around.

6 Responses to “Comment Editing”

  1. Ron Britton Says:

    Just testing out the commenting feature.

  2. Jeff Says:

    (Channeling Mr. Burns) Excellent!

    Jeff Eyges has been haranguing me for about a year

    Well, I hardly think “haranguing”… but you spelled it correctly, so we’ll let it go. If you go to a Teabagger rally and put it on a sign, you’ll have to misspell it. In crayon. It’s the law.

    Next: Formatting!

  3. Ron Britton Says:

    Next: Formatting!

    You get that next year.

  4. Syldoran Says:


  5. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Wait… You shelled out money?! It’s almost like you take this internets thing seriously. I’m still not sure it will catch on.

  6. Ron Britton Says:

    I’m paying for web hosting too. I’m not like the cheap bastards who go through Blogger/Blogspot. The fundies are directly costing me money.