Activist 9th Circuit Legislates From Bench — For Fundies!

Don't choose this plate.

The evil Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which has been slammed repeatedly by fundies and conservatives of all stripes as an “activist court”, has just ruled in favor of fundies. Oops! I thought they legislated from the bench.

Arizona has a program where any organization can get the state to offer a special license plate. The Arizona License Plate Commission had denied the application of fundie whack-jobs Choose Life (who already have special license plates in Florida and other states). The Arizona agency denied the application on the grounds that it was too controversial and that it would give the impression that the state was endorsing the group’s anti-abortion message.

The Court decided that the agency had unfairly denied the group its right to free speech.

As much as I dislike what the fundies are trying to do to America and our rights as citizens, I must agree with the court. The rights of all citizens — even the abhorrent ones — must be protected.

I agree that by putting the emblem on the license plate it gives the impression of state approval, but Arizona should have thought of that before offering the program. There are very few organizations that are free from controversy. This program was bound to cause a conflict. You either have to suck it up and accept every legal organization’s application or deny them all.

I would prefer it if we kept our license plates solely for their original purpose. I don’t see the need to turn them into vehicles (ouch!) for self expression. That would avoid the whole impression of state sponsorship of controversial opinions.

The irony of this case is certainly lost on the fundies. They couldn’t have picked a better court to hear this case. The Ninth Circuit is a staunch defender of our Constitutional rights. This usually works against the fundies, because they are usually scheming to take away our rights. The fundies bleat and bray every time the Ninth Circuit upholds the Constitution. When they finally have a case where their rights have been infringed, this most-hated of courts has come to their rescue.

Do you think they’ll notice the irony? Do you think that maybe they’ll start to understand why the Court has been so adamant in the past? Of course not!

3 Responses to “Activist 9th Circuit Legislates From Bench — For Fundies!”

  1. Arkonbey Says:

    Interesting. To me, the thing that makes it troubling is that there is no competing design, no ‘Choice’ plate.

    I never liked the graphic message plates anyway.

  2. ParrotLover77 Says:

    I agree with the 9th court and your analysis, Ron. It was horrible when that plate appeared in Florida (I used to live there) and it pissed as many people off as it elated. When I left Florida they had no fewer than 50 special plates. Law enforcement complained because they had trouble determining what was Florida’s plate or a plate from another state when they couldn’t get a clear view.

    I live in North Carolina now. When they release a special plate (of which there are not many), it closely resembles the normal plate. It appears Arizona is doing the same thing. So at least law enforcement need not worry. But even though I LOVE the Florida Gators specialized North Carolina plate (Go Gators!), I agree with you that it’s opening a can of worms when you start doing this. If you want to celebrate your cause, put a bumper sticker on your car like everybody else!

    Short of that, deal with it.

    Arkonbey – from the sound of it, there’s nothing stopping a “pro choice” group from doing that. It hasn’t happened in Florida yet (as far as I know), but hey.. Why not?

  3. The Watcher Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Ron. I don’t know what it is about license plates that makes states feel the need to make causes out of them, but oh well, that’s the way it is now. The fundies DO deserve their freedom of speech, and so do pro-choice movements. I sincerely hope they don’t come out with some AFA article grumbling about it if Planned Parenthood comes up with “My Body, My Choice” license plates or some such.

    Does anyone ever notice one major difference between liberals and fundies? We argue for EVERYONE to have rights, and usually end up agreeing that fundies deserve them too, even when we don’t like the message. Fundies seem to cry “Free speech! Help, help, I’m being oppressed!” only when it suits them. They frequently argue side-points designed to repress liberals’ free speech, but will never, EVER concede that we have it.

    What assholes they are.