Truth in Advertising

Buff and polish your psychic for only a buck ninety-nine

I guess at only $2 per session, it will take quite a while for this “psychic” to clean you out. They should learn from Sylvia Browne and charge lots of money for their worthless predictions.

Actually, this sign in Mountain View, California belongs to the two businesses that occupy one building: a pet store and a deli.

4 Responses to “Truth in Advertising”

  1. TheShotMonkey Says:

    Ah yes… I drive by this place all the time on my commute home from work, and find it exceedingly hilarious each time. This is pretty near El Camino Real and CA-237.

    I believe the price listed on the sign is an old price. The rates have actually gone up to $2.50 now for dry cleaning.

  2. Ron Britton Says:

    Maybe they expect their customers to psychically know the current price.

  3. Thomas Says:

    $2.50 for dry cleaning? I’m going to the wrong place. Too bad all the dry cleaners I know in Atlanta lack supernatural powers.

  4. sue blue Says:

    Can they tell me how I got that stain on my cashmere sweater? What do the spirits say about red wine stains on wool? Passing through the veil to the other side has just got to give one fantastic insights into chemistry!