Dicks Respond to Christmas Boycott

Boycotting Dicks

BJ and Donald Wildmon: A couple of……

I opened my email a couple of days ago to see an alert from Donald Wildmon of the American Fundie Association. The headlined screamed:

Dicks Respond to Christmas Boycott

Not exactly the type of headline I would have expected from Donny. He’s either referring to his followers in a less-than-flattering manner, or he’s telling us about some extra-special Christmas porn. Either way, he had my interest.

I looked at the email more intently, and was profoundly disappointed. I had misread the subject line! It was actually entitled:

Dick’s Responds to Christmas Boycott

He’s referring to the sporting goods store! What a dick!

He writes:

According to Vice-Chairman Bill Columbo, in a phone conference with AFA today, “We have made significant changes from past years, when ‘holiday’ was the dominant theme of our advertising.”

No! You need to stand up to the fundies! Form a stiff opposition!

Mr. Columbo said shoppers will soon see something new from Dick’s…

You know, when you read that out loud, you can’t hear the apostrophe.

…”Christmas” in the company’s television ads, newspaper inserts and on its website!

As a result of Dick’s response, AFA is cancelling the boycott.

In other words, Donald Wildmon likes getting a little action from Dick’s.

It's stuck in this position from overuse

Wildmon, getting ready
(Image from Joe My God)

10 Responses to “Dicks Respond to Christmas Boycott”

  1. TB Tabby Says:

    The massive overexposure of Christmas is the primary reason I don’t plan on celebrating this year…but this news has galvanized my decision.

  2. Lindsay Says:

    I’ll laugh if they mention Hannukah, Winter Solstice and Kwanzaa in the ads too.

    I just don’t really get what they are so mad about. Seriously, do they not have a calendar and see there are several other holidays around that time of year?

    When I was growing up, besides the eating and the toys, Christmas always seemed like kind of a boring day to me. Nothing good on tv, all your friends were with their families so you couldn’t show them your new toys, helping mom clean the house for guests etc.

  3. Ron Britton Says:

    The only thing that made Christmas boring for me was that my parents would always forget to buy batteries. Since all the stores were closed, I’d have to wait until the next day to be able to play with the good stuff.

  4. Jeff Says:

    The only thing that made Christmas boring for me was that my parents would always forget to buy batteries.

    You too? Of course, we were Jewish; we shouldn’t have been celebrating it in the first place.

    Oddly, a couple of the local drugstores, owned by Jews, were open for half a day on Christmas, and I can remember running out to buy batteries – and still, we seemed never to have the right ones.

    My parents were idiots.

  5. Parrotlover77 Says:

    If Lindsay is correct and they just start actually naming every single holiday around this time, I’ll be tickled and amused. If they go Christocentric, then I’m going to boycott them myself.

  6. Infidel753 Says:

    No! You need to stand up to the fundies! Form a stiff opposition!

    Dick’s needs to grow a pair, stand tall, and take a hard line against this. Once it penetrates the minds of other pressure groups that they wilt and soften so easily under pressure, their obvious impotence will invite further demands, eventually leaving everyone frustrated and unsatisfied.

  7. Neil C. Reinhardt Says:

    A week or so ago, there was an e-mail going around with pictures of an expression Michelle Obama (who I call ODUMA) had made and one of a monkey who had the same expression. Many Conseratives and FORMER Liberals found it very hilarious how similar these two expressions were.

    Of course, some PRUDES got all excited and pushed all out of sharpe about it. They called it “Racist” when it had nothing to do with race, it had to do with the expressions.

    Now, I REALLY WISH I had the picture of this monkey’s expression to share as IT and the picture of the facial expression of Donald Wildmon is EVEN Closer to being the EXACT same as the monkey than was Michelle’s was.

  8. Ron Britton Says:

    Except in this case, the picture of Wildmon has been manipulated. If you do a Google image search on his name, you’ll find the original version.

  9. Neil C. Reinhardt Says:

    Oh darn, Thanks!

  10. sue blue Says:

    Is that Dick’s Rod and Gun Club?