Carnival of the Godless and the Godless Constitution

Carnival of the Godless

The latest Carnival of the Godless is up over at Tangled Up in Blue Guy. There are a lot of good posts. I want to call your attention to three.

No More Mr. Nice Guy has a belated look at the War on Christmas, but he says it’s actually part of a larger War on Knowledge. He asks:

Could it be that the true believers dimly sense at some subconscious level that the elaborate and beautifully constructed edifice which is their religion is a house of cards built on quicksand?

KC at Bligbi makes some excellent points about why non-believers need to make some noise, in Speak Now, Speak Loudly, and Speak Often. She says:

We should speak now, because remaining silent allows the opposition think they’re unopposed.

We should speak loudly, because speaking softly allows the opposition to think we are unsure.

We should speak often, because while we may be few in number, we are not alone in our opposition to those who would prefer us to speak softly or remain silent.

Finally, in what I consider to be the best post of this carnival, Rastaban at Atheology covers Mike Huckabee’s recent theocratic statement, then he gives us a bit of history of the Godless Constitution. Read Huckabee and the U.S. Constitution. Also be sure to read the first comment on that article for a good balancing view.

When you’re done with those, check out the rest of the articles.

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