If You’re Crazy, ADVERTISE!

I collected these images from various places on the internet earlier this year, but I forgot to write a post to show them off.

I’m not sure what the story on this first one is. It’s really a weak effort. If you’re only a little bit crazy, you shouldn’t even bother:

God van

If you’re going to decorate your van, you need to do it right. Like this guy:

Holy Ghost Buster

And here’s what it looks like when you’re breathing his exhaust:

Holy Ghost Buster

Bunkie sent me this one. This person has something to say to you.

You'll burn if you sin or collide with this car

I’ll give him credit. He uses a large, clear font that’s easy to read. Usually craziness correlates with clutter.

Take this one, for example:

Thou shalt not worship false idols

But this one is actually my favorite. Fanaticism is directly correlated with quantity:

Maybe they're just covering bullet holes

(I usually try to credit where I swipe from. If you know the original source of any of these, please let us know in the comments.)

26 Responses to “If You’re Crazy, ADVERTISE!”

  1. Thomas Says:

    I love the “Choose Life” Florida license plate.

    I wish they had an “Abort the Little Shits” plate for my home state, but they don’t.

  2. Imroy Says:

    That last one is really crazy. What really sticks out for me is the “Christians for McCain\Palin” sticker. That’s right, a fucking back-slash! Thank you Microsoft for confusing millions of people over which direction the slash goes…

  3. Jeff Says:

    “JESUC”? WTF does that even mean?

    Ron, I’m getting sick and tired of the fact that these people exist. All they do is consume precious natural resources and produce little fundie babies as stupid as they are.

    Eugenics is beginning to look damn attractive to me.

  4. Aegis Says:

    I wonder if that’s the point…are they trolls? Are they trying to get people to advice eugenics on them, so they can paint those people as dangers to society and use it for more Christian propaganda-pushing?

    …Nah, they’re just cockfountains.

  5. Pete Moulton Says:

    I always wonder who they’re trying to convince, because these look like serious cases of overcompensation to me.

  6. Lindsay Says:

    I guess the more bumper stickers/large font Bible passages/lawn ornaments you put on your car, the better Christian you must be?

  7. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Obama does not support our flag? How does one support the flag other than, well, being a flag pole?

    Anyway, I think the top one is special. There’s house exterior lighting on the side! What else is on the side? I think the best crazy of that van isn’t visible in that picture…

  8. Syldoran Says:

    The artist in me is crying at that last one. Why would you arrange things in such a tasteless manner? There needs to be order!

  9. Pete Moulton Says:

    Syldoran, you know who else believed in order? Hitler! That’s who!

  10. sue blue Says:

    “Jesuc”? Is that just an example of fundie dyslexia, or is it implying that Jesus sucks? You know, they could be a lot more convincing with the whole “turn or burn” thing if they’d light one of those heaps on fire.

  11. Syldoran Says:


    I must be Hitler reborn!

  12. griffon8 Says:

    I’m pretty sure the license plate would be clearer if there was a space between the ‘u’ and the ‘c’. Then it would clearly be ‘JESU(S) C(HRIST)’ that she is trying to say.

  13. Lindsay Says:

    Maybe the license plate with JESUS was already taken?

    Considering the source (Florida), I imagine it was. Probably by whoever runs the Holy Land Experience in Orlando.

    Btw…I do hope that Florida offers a Pro-Choice license plate as well.

  14. vjack Says:

    Outstanding collection! They seem to be convinced that their bible tells them to spread their mental illness. This post is a great reminder of why we should all have cameras with us constantly.

  15. Draken Says:

    That last one… he’s full of pumped-up nationalism like ‘support the flag’ and ‘pray for the USA’…

    …and he drives a Toyota. Fail.

  16. sue blue Says:

    I just took another look at the white Christbuster van…what is that thing supposed to be on the top (not the finger – that other thing)? A deformed black cat? Talk about “Psychosis on Parade”. Someone ought to tell the guy his hallucinations only have meaning to him. And get him some Risperdal, quick.

  17. JR Says:

    I like how the bottom car has a Christian Calvin window decal. Bill Watterson never gave the rights to create any of those decals, making them ILLEGAL. Is copyright infringement a Christian value?

  18. Parrotlover77 Says:

    JR – I’ve seen so many of those. I feel bad for Watterson because it associates his wonderful comic with hyper religious zealotry and if he doesn’t support it (which, at least from a copyright perspective, he does not), it taints his brand in a way he did not allow.


  19. Syldoran Says:

    It drives me crazy most of all simply because Calvin was never particularly religious.

    So naturally, he will pray at a cross, right?

    I hate character derailment.

  20. JR Says:

    Parrotlover77 – From wiki -“He [Watterson] refused to merchandise his creations on the grounds that displaying Calvin and Hobbes images on commercially sold mugs, stickers, and T-shirts would devalue the characters and their personalities.”

    The best part about it being used to promote religious zealotry – Watterson stated in an interview he has NEVER gone to ANY church.

  21. Ron Britton Says:

    I reprinted (i.e., stole) this comic once before. It’s not the only C&H that dealt with the issue.

    If Santa doesn't exist, then...

  22. Pete Moulton Says:

    I love it, Ron! For years I subscribed to the rightwing rag Phoenix Gazette solely to get my MDR of C&H. Thank you for reminding me of this one!

  23. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Most comics I get over fairly quick when they end. But C&H… Man. I still miss that comic every time somebody brings it up. Watterson needs to be drafted to do more. 😉

  24. Unindoctrinated Says:

    If you like these mobile demonstrations of stupidity check these ones out.

  25. TheRealistMom Says:

    Scrolls back along the comments for a bit…

    I gave birth to Hitler reincarnate?

    Damn my feminaziatheistabortionlovin’ self!

  26. Ron Britton Says:


    Those are great! If anyone hasn’t yet clicked on his link, I recommend that you do. They’re even worse than the ones I posted.