The first Carnival of the Godless of 2008

Carnival of the Godless

The latest Carnival of the Godless is up at Axis of Jared, and it’s an especially good one! When I let you know about these, I like to point out at least one good post that you should read, in case you don’t have time for them all. There are just too many good posts this week. Here are my favorites. Consider reading at least these.

Let’s start off with something fun. Polite Company has a hilarious script showing what happened when God got Mary “in trouble”. And he didn’t even have the decency to make an honest woman of her! You should consider performing this play at your next church event.

The next two are philosophical. The Barefoot Bum talks about what “The New Atheism” is really about. He says:

The New Atheism is anti-religion. Not because religion is always bad, or because everything bad comes from religion, but you can use religion to “prove” anything, good, bad or indifferent. It denies and actively erodes the skepticism and criticality that is each person’s only fundamental protection against being exploited and oppressed by lies and bullshit.

But, bad as religion is, it cannot be eliminated by force. Religion is, in a sense, self-slavery, and you cannot free a person who has enslaved himself.

Martin Wagner, at The Atheist Experience, has a profound insight into religion’s hold on people, in his article “Is faux-intellectualism part of religion’s appeal?” This might explain the behavior of one of our recent prolific commenters:

It would seem that, to a least a percentage of its followers, Christianity appeals because it provides them with a vehicle for intellectual poseurdom. Without anything in the way of scientific education or expertise behind them, creationists are unique among cranks in the perverse confidence with which they lash themselves to the mast of their stale and long-debunked claims. They’ll confidently and even condescendingly inform experts with Ph.D’s and 25 years of field work that there is no evidence at all to support what is probably the best-supported theory in all science. This goes beyond mere stupidity or even run-of-the-mill ideological denialism into a bold and deliberate repudiation of knowledge and even reality itself.

Speaking of our recent troll, Shalini tells people like him “For what seems like the millionth time, I am *not* a Darwinist”. Here’s just one pithy excerpt:

A lot of Darwin’s ideas are outdated and plain wrong. Therefore, when the ID-iots trumpet their silly list of ‘scientists who are skeptical of Darwinism’, it is clear that they are either liars or people who have no clue about what they are attempting to argue against.

The last article I want to call your attention to is not part of the Carnival. While I was over at Shuffl reading his Carnival entry, I found an even better article: “If Religions Made Bras”. For example:

Fundamentalist Christian “Original Sin Bra” “The Fall” came when Eve ate the apple and so there isn’t anything to be done about it since bosoms are evil, evil, wicked, satanic, vile, and against biblical family values, but our bra is richly padded and embroidered with biblical passages to make you look more upright and smug and yet pleasing to the eyes of the men God has sent to bless your life.

ID Bra
1 One size fits all creationists. (from Frank J.)

2 It supports nothing, but does a pretty good job of covering it up. (from Jim Lovejoy)

3 It provides no support and comes in two sizes: myth and misses! (from Homer Sapiens).

4 Actually you can order it, but it falls apart on examination. (from Walter Bushell)

What? No Duggar Family bra?

Lastly, for your entertainment pleasure, I present the ID Creationist Bingo card. Use it the next time an ID-iot leaves a comment here. I had to shrink it to get it to fit within my margins. You can find the easier-to-read original over at Skeptico. This was suggested by one of the commenters to Shalini’s post.

Can ARN come out and play?

7 Responses to “The first Carnival of the Godless of 2008”

  1. Drew Wilkins Says:

    It occurs to me how funny these people really are.
    In a century all of these hilarious blind swings at real science will be considered great monuments to religious ignorance.

    I have good news for the scientists [not evolutionists. Evolutionists don’t exist, there are only creationists, ‘Intelligent Design Theorists’ and Scientists.] The majority of people outside of the internet are IDists, [excluding the experts and scientists of course] The majority of people on the internet [IE the next generation, and people that matter] have forgotten these silly arguments.

  2. Jim Says:

    Ok, Ok, Mrs. Duggar now has a bra.

  3. Ron Britton Says:

    Excellent! Now all the Duggars need to do is find some corporation who will buy them for her. Maybe the next Discovery Health Channel show can get them a product placement.

  4. Jim Says:

    Perhaps some kind of milking machine technology can be adapted.

  5. Ryan Thompson Says:

    Ever hear that one, something like “Oh, well Darwin denied everything on his deathbed!” Buuuullshit. (among other sources) has debunked this.

  6. Ron Britton Says:

    This is what she needs:

    Michelle Duggar, the factory farm

  7. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Even if that story was true, it doesn’t make evolution any more or less true. The Earth and its life do not care too much about what Darwin did or did not do.

    Besides, when one is on one’s deathbed, many many things may be said or wished for. You are, afterall, facing the ultimate end of your being. It’s perfectly normal to wish for continued existence after the last heartbeat. I would never begrudge somebody or their achievements due to that.

    Stupid argument.