“What A” Rush Limbaugh on Family Guy


Rush Limbaugh guest-starred in one of the worst Family Guys ever last night. Normally, the show is unapologetically liberal. I guess Seth MacFarlane somehow felt obligated to give the extremist hate-fringe of the Republican party a chance to whitewash itself last night (because it’s not white enough).

For some reason, it takes over a year to produce one episode of Family Guy. That doesn’t make sense. It’s obviously done on a computer. The conservatives over at South Park can animate an entire episode in less than a week. I guess whether it’s George W Bush’s failed foreign policy (“Saudi terrorists just attacked America! Let’s invade Iraq!”) or an episode bashing Al Gore (“ManBearPig”), conservatives can make a turd in under a week. It takes liberals an entire year to produce something worthless (last night’s Family Guy or Obamacare).

Even if you take extra long to polish it, a turd is still a turd.

In the episode, liberal Brian suddenly, and with no explanation at all, becomes a dittohead. Rush had asked Brian if he had ever read anything that he had ever written. Brian says that he heard what other people thought of Rush, and that’s good enough for him.

That’s ridiculous. I’m sure there are some liberals who are too stupid to do their own thinking (there are millions of conservatives like this, so there are bound to be at least a few comparable liberals), but Brian isn’t one of them. Furthermore, you don’t have to read any of Limbaugh’s books to know the guy is telling lies and promoting selfish and hateful ideas. We’ve all heard this guy on the radio. We all know what his positions are.

Seth MacFarlane doesn’t respect his characters. He has a history of changing them arbitrarily. Stewie used to be an evil genius bent on world domination. Now he’s just a gay toddler. On last night’s American Dad, we discovered that Francine is an airhead. Funny (no, actually, it isn’t), she seemed pretty smart in the past.

I’m not the only one upset about the garbage Seth MacFarlane is foisting upon us. So is Bill Johnson of the American Decency Association! Yay! I haven’t featured one of his rants in quite a while! We’re overdue for a good BJ (rant, that is).

In an article titled “Strange Bedfellows”, BJ says:

The “edgy humor” of Family Guy and its sister show American Dad has crossed the line of decency time and time again. Some of the topics have been “Terri Schiavo: The Musical”, making fun of Sarah Palin’s Downs Syndrome child, a man pleasuring a horse, a teenage boy watching strippers via webcam, etc.

I know. That’s why I watch it.

Limbaugh says he came out “looking like a champ on this thing”…

Which is exactly the problem. Not all ideas have equal merit. Not all are respectable. The hatred that Limbaugh and his ilk promote should not be legitimized and glamorized. It needs to be marginalized.

There are some good conservative thinkers out there. There are some Republicans with good ideas. Feature them. Let the good conservative ideas have a little air time.

While Rush certainly is not always a paragon of virtue, or even a staunch defender of all social issues important to the family…

Meaning what? He’s not extreme enough?

…those of us in the conservative movement expect more. Family Guy regularly and seemingly with malice trashes the values and beliefs of millions – blaspheming Christ,…

What? Blasphemy is a crime now? What is this, the 12th century? (Not yet, but the fundies are working on it.)

…degrading women…

Actually, what degrades women is the fundies’ insistence that they fill their “traditional” role of wife, mother, and maid and leave the careers to the men.

…exposing viewers (of which many are youth) to vile sexual verbiage and innuendo.

The show is rated TV-14, and every TV has a V-chip. So instead of parental responsibility, BJ wants the government to raise our children for us.

So while MacFarlane is throwing a bone to the conservatives…

Uhh… BJ… I don’t think Rush would appreciate your choice of words.

…Rush is jumping to catch it.

BJ, I definitely don’t think Rush wants to catch your bone.

17 Responses to ““What A” Rush Limbaugh on Family Guy”

  1. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I’m about 12 episodes behind in Family Guy, American Dad, and Cleveland Show. I’ve been DVR’ing them for a while, but haven’t really mustered up the strength to watch them. This is long before last night. Is it just me or is Seth just not as funny as he used to be?

    Maybe Seth is a firebagger and since Obama has not personally implemented every liberal policy dreamt about since Reagan, that means Seth needs to do his best to hand over the government to the teatards, because, you know… That’ll show ‘em!

    Meanwhile, I finally finished watching Neon Genesis Evangelion. That is a fucked up anime. Looking forward to The End of Evangelion coming in on NetFlix because the ending of the series made less sense than Fall Out did.

  2. ericsan Says:

    Never liked that show or could even figure out why so many seem to like it, and I’m a TV addict. PL, a couple of years ago I really got into the 27-episode Macross Frontier series, and it was a thrill to watch it the day after it aired, in HD, with fan subs! Total bubble gum, I guess it’s a guilty pleasure 🙂

  3. Doug Says:

    I thought Rush didn’t come out so well. He admitted that he has to trick people into believing what he wants them to believe for example. Not to mention, he pleads with Brian to return to liberalism and appears happy that a liberal view is upheld by others. I suppose the episode is like everything else — subject to interpretation.

  4. Jeff Says:

    Not to mention, he pleads with Brian to return to liberalism and appears happy that a liberal view is upheld by others.

    I’d like to believe that was Seth’s reason in producing this episode, but if it was, I can’t believe Rush would agree to do a guest shot.

    In any case, I refused to watch it. If they’re ridiculing him, fine. If Rush is participating in it, it isn’t ridicule. That man is garbage, and is one of those chiefly responsible for what America has become. It’s completely inappropriate to make fun of him, and to bring him in on the joke. It’s making light of the tragic farce we’ve become, largely because of him and his ilk.

    I don’t know what Seth could have been thinking. Brian is supposed to be his alter ego, and he’s fervently and unapologetically liberal. It just doesn’t seem to make any sense.

    For the record, I don’t think the South Park guys are conservatives. I think they fancy themselves as libertarians, if they’re willing to categorize themselves at all, which they don’t seem to be. From Wikipedia, that font of wisdom:

    In an online forum (South Park Studios Chat, 10 May 2001)[1], Parker and Stone responded to a participant’s question:

    Q: Are you two guys liberal or conservative? Me and my friends have had debates about this.

    TREY: We avoid extremes but we hate liberals more than conservatives and we hate them [conservatives].

    MATT: I hate conservatives but I really fucking hate liberals.

    In August 2006 Parker, Stone and Sullivan headlined a conference in Amsterdam hosted by the libertarian monthly magazine Reason. During an on-stage interview with Reason editors Nick Gillespie and Jesse Walker, Stone and Parker reaffirmed their discomfort with labels while acknowledging that their political views could be described most accurately as libertarian and rejected the direction of the Republican Party that they described as “more government and more Jesus”.

    I think they’re just aging adolescents.

  5. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I think Trey and Matt are more aptly described as glibertarians. This will be the second time I’ve linked the BJ lexicon today, but, hey… when the shoe fits.

    What is most astounding about Trey and Matt is how anti-science they can be, while at the same time being so anti-religion. Skepticism is good. But if you are skeptical of reality, you got problems.

    As for Rush and Seth. Don’t forget that Rush made a guest appearance on the Star Wars Family Guy episode. It was a funny cameo, I must admit, and Rush seemed to be perfectly fine making fun of himself as it was clearly at his expense. Dittoheads even gave him shit for it on the air and he had to explain why he did it. Very weird. If Rush wasn’t the bottom-feeding leech he is, I might have gained respect for him for taking himself humorously. But, you know, he’s a bottom feeding leech, so I didn’t.

    I sort of wonder if Seth is feeling pressured to soften his liberalism in favor of a more centrist “everybody in politics is really just exactly the same” High Broderism (#3!) approach. Anecdotally, all the liberals in my office maybe only casually catch Seth’s wares these days, but I know two hardcore Beck and Palin loving conservatives that never miss an episode.


  6. Jeff Says:

    Don’t forget that Rush made a guest appearance on the Star Wars Family Guy episode.

    I don’t remember that, actually.

    I sort of wonder if Seth is feeling pressured to soften his liberalism in favor of a more centrist “everybody in politics is really just exactly the same” High Broderism (#3!) approach.

    I hope Fox didn’t pressure him into doing it, and I’d like to think that if they tried, Seth would tell them to stick it – but, who knows?

    He lost me a couple of years ago, anyway. I don’t care for coarse, vulgar humor to begin with, and when it came to a point at which the vulgarity outweighed the pop cultural references, I’d had enough.

  7. Brian Says:


    I, too, love “Evangelion”. I thought it took some religious ideas and used them in an intriguing sci-fi twist (which is how they’re properly viewed anyway). If you watch “Death and Rebirth” and “End of Evangelion” it does provide a somewhat more sensible ending than the last epiode of the series, but still doesn’t make a whole fucking lot of sense.

    I admit I really enjoyed it for the evas and their battles with the angels, especially when Unit 01 went berserk. The opening theme also sticks in your brain forever, but in a good way.

  8. WMDKitty Says:

    @ the otaku a few posts above

    Two words: Elfen Lied

    It’s cute, funny, violent, trippy, romantic, heartwarming, and graphic. All at once. With an extra helping of cute.

    It gave me nightmares.

  9. Syldoran Says:

    I am saddened to say that despite being something of an anime buff, I have only watched half of Evangelion and none of Elfen Lied. I’ll have to fix this.

    Also, I’m suprised that Trey and Matt are anything at all. They seem to dislike everything equally and without prejudice. In fact just going by the show they struck me more as extremely liberal, but I admit I wouldn’t really know.

  10. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Syldoran – If you carefully only watched select episodes of Penn and Teller’s Bullshit you would also make the mistake of thinking they are liberal. They are not. They are very strong (g)libertarian. They are less apologetic than most glibs, so that’s why I put the “g” in parenthesis. They seem to understand what libertarianism actually stands for and don’t give a shit. I sort of strangely respect that, even if I think it’s a shitty way to run a society (see recent example of town that let suburban resident’s house burn to ground because he didn’t pay $75 fire department fee). I guess because it’s refreshingly honest, although also equally psychopathic.

    The venn diagram of liberalism and libertarianism does have strong crossover in a select few areas. A lot stronger crossover than most Americans are used to, since the Republican Party is completely insane with insane views these days, making political agreement near impossible (except when it comes to killing brown people in far away places — then there is sometimes crossover).

    The mistake is that most people assume that since libertarianism is right of center, that it must only cross-over with Republican conservatives, but it does not necessarily.

    There’s also a lot more bunk on the right ripe for comedy. You have insane religions, fantastical beliefs, medicare reimbursed scooter riding teatards, other absurd hypocrites — it is just chock-o-block of crazy things to make fun of. On the left, you do have sources of material, but they aren’t quite as funny. Hippie herbal antivax types are stupid, but they just don’t have the same humorous punch as end-of-days cults or rascal scooters.

    But, part of being a very strong libertarian seems to include an unhealthy level of skepticism. Skepticism is great. But there does come a point where you have to trust somebody, because you can’t know everything about everything. The problem is the Trey/Matt/Penn/Teller libertarians don’t trust anybody with any modicum of power — that includes leading scientists. Now, they love science when it proves their preconceived notions (Penn and Teller are unabashed atheists and use scientific evidence in Bullshit frequently), but when it doesn’t (man-made global warming), suddenty there’s a great big scientific underground conspiracy so that scientists… can somehow do something that has never really been explained, but that’s not important!

    Brian – I actually “got” the ending in my first try. I missed a few wrap-up items (like I didn’t get that the Adam angel corpse wasn’t actually Adam and that’s why Kaworu stopped when he did; nor did I really understand the deal with Rei). But I understood that instrumentality had started somehow and Shinji was, more or less, deciding the ultimate fate of humanity (please, oh please, dear Buddha, do not ever let the fate of humanity rest on the shoulders of a whiney 14 year old punk kid with daddy issues). It definitely dragged and had a lot of psychobabble at the end, but since I had heard how freaking weird it was beforehand, I made sure to pay close attention to the series as possible, so I wouldn’t be too lost. Afterwards, I hit the wikipedia and found out that there was supplemental material released around the time of the movie that explained a lot of things that were either not discussed or cut from the series. I recommend checking out the wiki article because it really added to the experience as a whole. I recommend doing it with the series fresh in your mind. Now I feel prepared for the movie.

    Also, in case you have never done this, play a confusing anime from the DVD in English dub, then turn on subtitling. What you will get is two different translations. I don’t know why the sub and dub are different, but they frequently are. I’ve found this is a good way to understand some more obscure (or poor) translations because the subs tend to be very literal, whereas the dubs tend to try to map the intent of the dialog to its English equivelent. It helped during Eva because there was some crazy confusing shit in that show. It was definitely worth it. It’s the most work I’ve ever put into a series before. haha.

    WMDKitty – Elfin Lied is now in my Netflix queue. 4.5/5 stars… Looking interesting!

  11. Jeff Says:

    I have no idea as to what any of you are talking about.

  12. TheRealistMom Says:

    It’s ok Jeff. I gave birth to Syldoran and I still don’t know what she is talking about a good part of the time, never mind what all the anime geeks are running on about online…

  13. Brian Says:


    Now I’m going to have to watch the entire series over again. Thanks a lot, pal!

    I mentioned the Eva battles in my last comment. Here is a beauty of a fight between Asuka and the final Eva series:


  14. 4theist Says:

    Wait a second. I thought we established a couple seasons back that both Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore were really “the world’s greatest actor” Michael Savage in disguise! (That was during Lois’s stint as an anchorwoman on Fox News.)

    Is it really necessary to break down every show into a political viewpoint? Placing entertainment into political boxes like that really only helps people like Glenn Beck, who see everything as propaganda — especially the things he doesn’t like.

    And is all this over one episode?

    Isn’t this the group that had people using Ann Coulter’s vagina to keep their drinks cold? Sky Monster forbid they should try anything different!

  15. Bill in NY Says:

    To the moron who wrote this article…you do realize that Family Guy is a cartoon meant to entertain…I’m guessing you’re bitching only because this episode included Rush…get over it idiot…you come off like a whiney little bitch…especially with your “Actually, what degrades women is the fundies’ insistence that they fill their “traditional” role of wife, mother, and maid and leave the careers to the men” comment…what proof of this do you have anywhere?

    you’re a loser

  16. Ron Britton Says:

    Fuck off, Bill, you slack-jawed drooling sub-moronic Limbaugh-fellater.

    You’re offended because somebody on the internet actually holds a TV show to its promise of being entertaining?

    You’re offended because somebody in the world realizes that Rush Limbaugh is partially responsible for the vitriolic tone of politics today?

    You’re offended that women wouldn’t want to be your slave and sperm receptacle?

    Go back to the Paleozoic Era, where your prehistoric values and unevolved brain belong.

  17. ruck fush Says:

    Maybe you need to re-watch the episode. I did not come away thinking that Limbaugh gained any credibility….