Re-Elect Barack Obama

Vote for Barack Obama in 2012

Holy Jebus! I thought I only took a brief break from blogging. Is it 2012 already? Wasn’t the Earth supposed to spin off of its axis or something by now?

As you may be aware, I haven’t posted any articles for a bit. This was an unintended interruption. Real life just sometimes gets in the way. Even the prolific Bing McGhandi has stopped blogging for the moment. What is this life thing, and why is it such a pest?

I hope to return to my goal of about two articles per week. In the meantime, I want you to contemplate the above photograph. Aren’t our election seasons long enough? Do we have to start 2012 already?

Even more than I enjoy writing this blog, I enjoy making feeble images that remind me how feeble my photography skills are. My black-and-whites are only minutely less feeble than my colors, so last Saturday I decided to go up to Muir Woods and try my hand at the Ansel Adams thing. I’m still trying to determine if any of those images are remotely above feeble.

That is where I found the above bumper sticker. I guess out in nature hugging trees is where you would expect to find a dirty liberal Obama-loving hippie socialist, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. Contrary to expectation, the sticker was not on a VW Microbus. It was on the back of a gas-guzzling, Earth-raping SUV. Stereotypes are such difficult things to maintain.

I’m hoping to have another article up by Saturday. In the meantime, enjoy this banana slug.

Vote for the guy who leaves the VISIBLE slime trail


ADDENDUM: Apparently not enough of you were enjoying the banana slug. Enjoy this mental slug, instead:

21 Responses to “Re-Elect Barack Obama”

  1. Troy Says:

    It is frightening people can’t sense what she is: a vapid no nothing poser. If she gets the nomination (maybe V.P. again?) it would be an easy Obama win, though he’ll lose some states he won.

  2. Parrotlover77 Says:

    She’s not a poser. I used to think she was. No, she’s a grifter. When she gets power, she doesn’t really want it (hence quitting her Governorship). All she wants is money. She’s nothing more than a con artist.

    I can’t believe we have 2012 Obama stickers yet when I see so few Democratic senator stickers/signs so far.

    My state has Richard Burr. *Shudder* We got rid of Liddy Dole in 2008 with Kay Hagan riding the Obama Wave. But now with Burr, it’s not so certain. Surprisingly, Elaine Marshall, who barely has any name recognition so far (hell, I struggle to remember her name sometimes and I pay a lot closer attention than most) is within 10 points. That seems like a lot now, but when the other candidate is absolutely insane, it’s possible.

    Amusingly, Burr’s commercials thus far have all focused on how he is going to stop government spending. It’s amusing because he never once voted against any of Bush’s deficit expanding empire-building adventures. But as soon as we have a liberal that spends less than his conservative predecessor, suddenly he can’t vote for any bill, even when the deficit is reduced as a result.

    Yes, it doesn’t make sense to me either. Welcome to Teabag Logic.


  3. sue blue Says:

    Comparing invertebrates in these two photos, I think the banana slug wins. Sleek, streamlined, keeping its opinions about those brown European slugs to itself – it could ooze rings around the lumpish creature in the next photo, though it’s probably a toss-up as to which is slimier.

  4. S. Says:

    OH 2012 isnt quite here yet.But earth WILL spin off it’s axis.just wait.LOL. 😉
    amazing anyone would even consider Palin,especially after she quit the Governership.

  5. Troy Says:

    You make a very good point, the “Wasilla Hillbilly” phenomena. Really Alaska is small potatoes. It is a big state geographically but the population is smaller than the county I live in. I’m thinking she is probably smart enough to know she can’t be elected president, but maybe a run will raise her profile and subsequently her bank balance.

  6. Jeff Says:

    What is the deal with that Sarah Palin Blog? Are they for her, or agin’ her? I can’t tell. Most of the comments, when there are any, seem to think the purpose is to show her up, but for every three or four like that, there’s one that says, essentially, “You go girl!”

    I saw three of the latter. I clicked on the names, and each of them had a hidden blogger profile. What is it with fundies and teabaggers? God has their backs, yet they’re still scared to death. I guess the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

    Meanwhile, if Harlan lost that beer gut, he wouldn’t need the cheap suspenders, which might improve blood flow to his brain just enough for him to realize that he hasn’t got a f*cking clue.

  7. Infidel753 Says:

    Just you wait. The day after the 2012 election, people will start talking about, and planning for, 2016.

    It’s actually a good thing to see an Obama sticker on an SUV. The party which can better attract support from beyond its natural base is the one that’s more likely to win.

    And I’m with Sue Blue. If it and Palin were the only choices in 2012, I’d vote for the banana slug.

  8. Jeff Says:

    If I were a Republican, and Palin were the nominee, I’d write in the banana slug.

  9. S. Says:

    the slug wins,yes,for sure 🙂

  10. Brian Says:

    I’m going to have a hard time getting excited about 2012, at least I will if my renewed cynicism about the American voting public is still with me by then. Yeah, I know I was one of Obama’s biggest cheerleaders here two years ago, but if I could give him a grade so far, it’d be a C+.

    He did inherit a record number of alarming problems thanks to his predecessor, and fixing those mistakes won’t happen overnight. I knew that and I expected that. That’s not my issue with his administration. His biggest problem, in my humble opinion, is that he does not grasp the awesome power he possesses to shape public policy in ways that would resonate with most voters. George Bush got away with everything he tried, and he was an unpopular president. Think of what President Obama could do if he grew a set and channeled his inner Teddy Roosevelt. He is a cerebral, thinking person, and unlike most Americans, I realize he’s thinking long-term and trying to be civilized while he goes about enacting his agenda in the face of knee-jerk partisan opposition. I just wish he’d step it up and call these cretins out for what they are.

    Which brings me to the GOP. The main reason I’ll vote to re-elect Obama is that no one in the Republican party deserves the keys to the country. I’d consider voting for someone who was a Republican if they demonstrated sanity, a willingness to abandon partisan rancor, and an understanding of what life in America is like for those of us who don’t make $250K or more per year. Oh, and if they told the religious right to fuck off, that’d be okie-dokie with me, too.

    None of this will ever be found in a Republican candidate for…shit, decades, I suppose. If ever. And, sadly, the same could be said for just about every Democrat, as well. Politicians are part of an increasingly exclusive club from which “ordinary” citizens are barred. Their primary concern is the well-being of their particular party, particularly at the expense of the other.

    They know they can get away with this indefinitely because the American electorate has an excruciatingly short memory and no courage to face difficult issues now when something can be done. Most people probably think the economy is Obama’s fault, even though the seeds for this were sown when Bill Clinton was still in office, and then watered assiduously by W. No one in power is ever going to act to keep our country financially solvent because doing so will involve unpopular decisions that we short-sighted voters won’t be willing to make until its way too late. Someday, perhaps within my lifetime, this country will go broke because we didn’t care enough to demand elected officials smart enough and tough enough to do what has to be done. That is, unless we elect Palin president in two years and she initiates her precious Rapture with a storm of nuclear missiles.

    (I meant for this to be a short comment, and look what I’ve gone and done. Now I’m just pissed off. I thought getting things off your chest was supposed to be cathartic?)

  11. S. Says:

    Brian,don’t you feel better now? 🙂

  12. Jeff Says:

    Oh, and if they told the religious right to fuck off, that’d be okie-dokie with me, too.

    They never will. They need them too much.

    They know they can get away with this indefinitely because the American electorate has an excruciatingly short memory and no courage to face difficult issues now when something can be done.

    They get away with it because the average American is a moron. Mencken said it nearly a century ago, and it’s as true now as it was then.

    I knew Obama wasn’t going to do much. America has never really worked all that well, and now it’s simply too badly broken to be repaired. Yes, it would be nice if he grew a pair and told the Repubs and the fundies to f*ck off, but he won’t because his background is in community organizing, and he wants to be what his predecessor claimed to be but wasn’t – “a uniter, not a divider”.

    There’s nothing left to do now but to wait for the inevitable end. In the meantime, it’s nice to have an intelligent, articulate person in the White House. Having to look at and listen to that cretin for eight years did things to me from which I will never recover. I wish there were a recognized illness – “Chimpy Syndrome”, or some such thing – over which I could sue the government.

  13. Pete Moulton Says:

    Brian, if you ever do find [a Republican who] “demonstrated sanity, a willingness to abandon partisan rancor, and an understanding of what life in America is like for those of us who don’t make $250K or more per year” you could write a book about it. After all, it’d be as amazing a discovery as a real, live Ivory-billed Woodpecker.

    On the other hand, finding a Dem who had enough of a spine to stand up and call the GOPers on their bullshit would be equally amazing. I’ll hold my nose and vote for Dems this year and in 2012, because the alternatives are so much worse, but don’t expect me to be too happy about it.

    BTW, that’s a fine Banana Slug, Ron. You done UC Santa Cruz proud. Are you an alum?

  14. Ron Britton Says:


  15. Pete Moulton Says:

    Does this mean I’ll have to go to India and photograph a tiger? They’re scarce in Arizona, you know.

  16. Ron Britton Says:

    Here you go:

    Arizona tiger salamander
    The Arizona tiger salamander.

  17. Pete Moulton Says:

    That’s a terrific shot, Ron! Strange, though–it doesn’t look much like the snarly, fuzzy cat on their hockey suits…

  18. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Brian – I agree 100% with your assessment on Obama, but for some reason, I think “B+” is more appropriate, but maybe 8 years of Bush have just corrupted my politician rating scale.

    As much as I would love to see him channel his “inner Teddy” I just don’t think a political figure like that would work today. He would get slammed constantly for being too uppity, and I don’t just mean from Fox News and the like. The media is just too corporatized to be on the side of the little guy. And without a friendly media, you can’t get your message out. So I’m afraid doing really anything much more “bully pulpit” than he’s doing now would backfire.

    I’m not so much concerned about the financial solvency of the country. I know that sounds crazy, and I am actually completely opposed to renewing any of the Bush tax cuts, including even the middle-class tax cuts (although I was actively encouraging my reps to vote for the Obama plan, because I knew in the long run it would benefit them).

    My point is that for the rest of the world to function, America Can’t Fail (TM). If China called in America’s debt, they would fuck themselves as hard as they fucked us. The real threat is not so much going broke or defaulting on the loans as much as the influence to foreign entities the debt buys. China won’t pull the plug on us, but they can use the leverage to get laws passed that move jobs from here to there. That’s just one example, but I can think of many more.

    That’s not to say this situation will last forever. But I think at least in the foreseeable future (say, 20 years), it is the case.

    Anyway, I know i’m just annoyingly optimistic, but I don’t think the Republicans are going to take over either the House or Senate this year. I think it will be a fairly typical mid-term in that the Republicans will have net gains, but I think both Pelosi and Reid will keep their positions.

    Congressional Democrats (especially the Blue Dogs and ConservaDems) are the real ones to blame here, after blaming the obstructionist Republicans first.

    So, god damn it all, VOTE in your primaries and get better Dems! Too late now, but going forward, do it! Leftier Democrats are not batshit insane like Teabaggers, so they actually stand a chance in the General, unlike most Teabaggers.

  19. Parrotlover77 Says:

    On the other hand, finding a Dem who had enough of a spine to stand up and call the GOPers on their bullshit would be equally amazing.

    You mean like Barnie Frank and Al Franken? They are out there — hell, the entire Progressive Caucus fits the bill. The problem is that the media barely pays attention to them except to insult them for being too soshoolist.

  20. Pete Moulton Says:

    I’ll give you Frank and Franken, PL. Hell, I’m a big fan. More than anything else, I’m pissed right now at the Senate Dem ‘leadership’. I swear, Harry Reid has to stay awake nights, gaming out new ways to piss away golden opportunities.

  21. Parrotlover77 Says:

    There will be no love lost from me if Harry Reid loses his election. I only want him to win to maintain Dem numbers and to keep out the crazy!

    That said, Senator Reid has a huge messaging problem. A lot of times when it appears that he just isn’t willing to act on something, it’s because of back room deals. Love them or hate them, they are a reality in American politics.

    In addition, I’m tired, oh-so-tired, of hearing the “why won’t Reid make them fillibuster?” breathless panting from Dems. Why won’t good liberals educate themselves about the Senate? The rules of the Senate are not the same as they once were. A fillibuster can be held without physical presence by endless amendments or putting a “hold” on legislation. And that’s not Reid’s fault persay. It’s the fault of every Senator that voted for the current set of rules.

    Anyway, in a more liberal-friendly election year, I’d love to see Harry put out of business by a true progressive, but that’s not happening now. Let’s just hope he becomes more effective at getting votes for progressive legislation even if he’ll never be somebody who lights a fire under anybody.

    Now, as for Nancy Pelosi — I may not agree with everything she’s done. But in my opinion, she’s a fine speaker. That’s a damn tough job, but she’s managed to get some really good work done. For the House, I blame the blue dogs for tying her hands. But the “off the table” crap from ’06, that was just annoying, no argument from me. Since then, though, I think she’s really grown into that job nicely.