Be Careful, Kids!

From Tearing Books Apart:

Don't touch that Bible!

4 Responses to “Be Careful, Kids!”

  1. ParrotLover77 Says:

    Wow. the article you pulled that image out of reminds me of Star Trek fans arguing on bulletin boards about the the finer points of Trek Canon and attempting to resolve plot holes that happen when many different writers write many different (contradictory) things over a large period of time.

    It’s just that simple, isn’t it? The bible is the highest selling science fiction / fantasy novel of all time and churches are the largest scale scifi conventions of all time. Preachers are the guys who dress up like klingons, speak only in klingon, and constantly remind everybody else how much encyclopedic knowledge they have about trek while arguing with each other about how wrong the others are, and the rest are the aspiring fans that are wrestling with the fact that Warp 10 in old trek means something different than Warp 10 in new trek and that klingons didn’t have bumpy heads until the movies…

  2. ericsan Says:

    There is one major difference: the worst Trek episode never had plot holes the size you find in the bible.

  3. Agile Says:


    People cluster around a myriad of life approaches for a plethora of perfectly plausible reasons.

    I don’t see a problem with people dedicating themselves to expositions of Star Trek OR the Old Testament. This IS a free country, remember.

    Really, if people WANT to believe that their Klingon pastor is a pipeline to God then so be it. And if I WANT to believe that a FFM is a pipeline to more satisfaction then so be it.

    The harsh reality here is that you don’t want your critique kicking your own teeth out on the backswing, if you get my drift.

  4. ParrotLover77 Says:

    Who was criticizing star trek? I heart the trek. My post was in no way a criticism of trekkers or trekdom. They know the object of their affection is fiction and would probably laugh and nod while reading my analogy. Kicking teeth out? Huh? I’m not getting your drift.

    What is FFM? … I’m assuming you don’t mean the “threesome” abbreviation. Or maybe you do. That would probably be a pretty nice pipeline to satisfaction.

    And last… Who said this was a free country anymore? Canada has officially declared the USA as NOT a safe haven and appeals to Canada for asylum is now allowed even if a USA court turns down an asylum case in the USA (previously they wouldn’t see each other’s denials in a political agreement which saved each other’s court systems from redundancy). That’s pretty profound, if you ask me.

    I long for the days when the FISA court was controversial instead of being the “ideal” nostalgic scenario with secret spying as the norm…