Another Marriage Petition

The latest from the brain trust at the Fundie Research Council is a “marriage petition”:

Fifty religious leaders have signed a joint letter calling upon Congress to pass the Marriage Protection Amendment.

  • First of all, what gives these religious pinheads the right to dictate secular law?
  • Second, in what way does marriage need “protection”?
  • Third, if marriage is so important to them, why don’t they treat it that way themselves? I guess if only heterosexual Christians can get married, then that means only heterosexual Christians can get divorced, which fully half of them do.
  • Fourth, now that they’ve given the government full responsibility for raising their children, apparently it’s time to give the government full responsibility for their own lives as well. This is so typical of religious nutters. They’re incapable of thinking for themselves, so they let the church do it for them. Since the government still has domain over a few things that the church doesn’t, they need that government to explicitly forbid things. Freedom is overrated. It makes their brain cell hurt.

One Response to “Another Marriage Petition”

  1. The Reverend Says:

    These are the very same people Tea-Party people attacking Obama with “The government has no business medaling in our lives.” H Y P O C R I T E S