Gay Yet?

Just what do they do with their 'blowholes'?

Surely you must be gay by now. After all, the homosexuals have been promoting their agenda and shoving their lifestyle down your throat for several decades now. If the conversion hasn’t stuck yet, well then, I guess it never will!

I was reminded of this agenda by seeing an article on Yahoo that Constance McMillen just won her court case and turned the whole country gay.

The article states:

[T]he American Civil Liberties Union won their case against the Itawamba County School District on behalf of 18-year-old Constance McMillen!

To recap, McMillen wanted to bring her girlfriend to her senior prom but was denied this right by her Mississippi high school. School staff and students then put on a decoy prom for McMillen and other “less desirable” pupils while the majority of the student body partied 30 miles away at the real prom.

Today’s ruling means that school officials are required to implement a policy banning discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identity, and they’re paying McMillen $35,000 in damages as well as her attorneys’ fees.

Maybe $35,000 doesn’t sound like much, but you have to read between the lines. You know, like the geniuses who left comments on that article. Here are just a few:

Jesse wrote:

Thats sweet let gays go to prom. U kno wat lets let daughters be sexually active wit their fathers and bring them to prom. If i started datin someone in jail for murder robbery or watever could they let them so i could bring them to prom. They better of il get a sh*t load of money out of it. Wat if im eighteen and im attracted to 8 year olds could i bring them to prom. U cant judge me i have my rights huh. This is sick and a bad move from this selfish D*ke. Peace i hope u sleep good knowin your rewarded for having no values.

MStoneManiac said:

Another example of the Gay Agenda and how its forcing the hetero majority to accept and affirm a lifestyle that is abberant by social standards, perverse by moral standards, an abomination by religious standards and a mutation that is essentially genocide by biological standards. Thanks gay people for shoving it down our throats!

Patriot1 wrote (and you know anybody calling himself “Patriot1” is going to be a model of intelligence and tolerance):

So yet another gay/lesbian trying to force their lifestyle on everyone else, and say “accept it and okay it, or I will find a way to force you to, because I don’t like that you don’t care for my lifestyle choice.” And yet then they have the gall to call US intolerant.

I’m sorry. I’m a little confused right now. Which millennium are we in?

13 Responses to “Gay Yet?”

  1. Mange Says:

    It always annoys me when people claim that homosexuality is bad biologically. If that was the case, homosexuality would be selected against by natural selection but the opposite is true in reality. In the animal kingdom, homosexuality is a positive trait.

    Sure, it is counter-intuitive but this is what is observed. For example, there is a species of bird that have a large tendency for male homosexuality. What they do is to fertilize a female and then chase her away when the egg is laid. Two male birds have an easier time to guard the egg and to get food for the chick, so their offspring has a higher chance of surviving until reproduction.

    It also bugs me how often people like the above jump into absurd claims like saying it equals pedophilia and rape. Not that is needs repeating, but two consenting adults does not equal rape in any way, and the only “real” connection is that both acts are (in their heads) immoral. But so is murder, so it is equally[1] valid to compare it with genocide.

    [1] Zero equals zero.

  2. L.Long Says:

    It don’t matter what you or anyone tries to prove Mange. His last question sums it up.
    What millennium are we in?
    If you are talking religion then we are so far back that the bonehead cave dwellers are not keeping track.
    When it comes to the bat-schite crazy scribblings of stone-age desert dwelling goat pluckers all you can do is throw out the ridicule and laughter, they are too frightened of their own shadow to listen to reason.

  3. ericsan Says:

    When the courts ruled in Constance’s favor and compelled the school to let her take her girlfriend to the prom, the principal and a cabal of parents and students set up a secret private prom where practically all the students went, taking place at the same time as the “official” prom, where only Constance and her date and a few special ed students ended up going. The viciousness of this act, directed not only towards Constance but also insulting the special ed kids, really speaks volumes about the character of these “xtian” people.

  4. Syldoran Says:

    See, you have to wonder what they also think of the special ed kids who were sent to that prom. They are hardly mentioned in favor of criticizing the “selfish dyke” but clearly those in charge don’t think much of those students, either.

    How is it so hard? I don’t get it. One of my gay friends took his boyfriend to my high school’s prom this past year, and my school sets aside a “duke and duchess” rank in the homecoming and prom courts for our special education kids. Nobody raised a fit over the boys, and as much as I dislike my school, I admit I’ve never heard any school cheer as loud as I hear when they cheer for the duke and duchess coming out with the rest of the court.

    Tolerance is not that goddamn hard.

  5. Brian Says:

    It’s so hard to read those comments and keep from punching a hole in my monitor. The ONLY force in this world that is hell-bent on repressing gay rights is fucking religion. Without it, there would be no issue. Come to think of it, without religion there would also be no dumbing down of science education, no female genital mutilations or honor killings, no suicide bombers, and two buildings in New York City would still be standing.

    Yes, yes, trolls, I know some religious people claim it motivates them to do good deeds and be charitable toward others. Guess what. I feel the same compassion and yet I don’t start my day thinking some invisible Jewish hippie is monitoring my every thought and action. This world would be a much saner place if religion was recognized as the social poison that it is.

  6. OtherRob Says:

    I hadn’t heard about the secret prom. Shame on those parents and shame on the principal. Stuff like this kinda makes me wish that I believed in a Heaven and God and Jesus. Because I would love to see these people when God tells them that there is no room in Heaven for people with so much hatred in their hearts.

  7. S. Says:

    LOL ..I had to laugh…I love the gay dolphin gift shop! it’s huge and one of the neatest places to shop 🙂

  8. dvsrat Says:

    I’m sure that Jesse is going to graduate at the top of his class. He is being home-schooled. MStoneManiac is a Bill O’Reilley wannabe. And Patriot1 is a textbook case. Reaction formation.

  9. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I think $35,000 sounds appropriate. Schools are already underfunded as it is and as much as that school did to hurt her feelings and infringe on her rights, the entire school system shouldn’t be bankrupted as a result.

    That money is really perfect for her. She will be able to use that to help pay for college. And that’s a really balanced tradeoff considering what they put her through.

    My only gripe about the outcome is that I feel the officials involved should be footing some of this bill. As it stands, they committed a disgusting prejudiced illegal act on this girl, and the state is having to pay. I hope all involved were fired.

    I also hope that Constance sees that missing out on a prom with all those backwards ass people is not really missing anything worthwhile afterall.

  10. ericsan Says:

    She was invited to the White House and all over the country, to several proms… She’s not only missing nothing, but they gave her more opportunities and opening more doors for her than would have ever been possible.

    Oh, and Brian: I loved your conclusion and wanted to say “amen” but I thought it might be uncalled for 😉

  11. alex a Says:

    Hear, hear. Teh ebil gheys made me so gay, I don’t even know which end is up anymore.

    Seriously, can these people stop thinking about sex for a minute? Especially gay sex.

  12. Lindsay Says:

    Seriously, if the school hadn’t raised a big stink would it have ended up being that big of a deal? I’ll be honest I probably have the stereotypical view of Mississippi as a northerner but I don’t think the younger generation is totally backwater and I’m sure a good portion of the student body could have cared less if she brought her girlfriend. But, the school and the parents raised a big stink…and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the parents had their kids attend the “other” prom.

    On another note, good for Constance for fighting back!

  13. S. Says:

    I agree Lindsey,good for her! 🙂