Perception is Reality

Via Dogwood Tales, I came across I-Spot Annoying Fanboys. It’s a “humorous” look at the people you know who are a little too deep into their lifestyle choices. I put “humorous” in quotation marks only because it’s quite uneven. Some jokes work; others miss completely. They’re equally spotty on their facts. They do make some good points, but they totally miss the mark on others.

Just a few of the annoying fanboys are Sci-Fi Obsessives (29th), World of Warcraft Junkies (11th), Linux Geeks (9th), Audio Snobs (8th), and Bill Gates Apologists (6th).

These rankings are the result of a poll they took. Internet polls are always skewed, of course, but they do reveal something about perceptions. I think a lot of people would agree that audio snobs are more annoying than science fiction fans. Shut up! Nobody can hear the difference between a $5000 speaker and a $10,000 speaker!

So here are some of the other annoying fanboys.

Coming in 7th are Anime Aficionados.

Ispot Annoying Fanboys

They had this to say about them.

Ispot Annoying Fanboys

Coming in 2nd and 3rd are Twitter Twits and Conspiracy Theorists.

Ispot Annoying Fanboys

Number 1 by a wide margin is Apple Acolytes.

Ispot Annoying Fanboys

With a couple of accurate comments.

Ispot Annoying Fanboys

But here is the most interesting result. Ranked 5th, with almost 5% of the vote, is Richard Dawkins Zealots.

Ispot Annoying Fanboys

The first “fact” they have listed under “Did you know” is an example of their sloppy research. The whole “because it says so in a book” claim doesn’t apply to any atheist I’ve ever met.

Ispot Annoying Fanboys

But like I said above, in a situation like this, the facts aren’t relevant. People don’t react to facts they don’t know. People react to what they think they know about a subject. The perception here is that the vocal atheists are no different from obnoxious Christians.

10 Responses to “Perception is Reality”

  1. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Well, they got Apple right on the mark, at least. 😉

  2. Syldoran Says:

    Hey now, good anime isn’t porn.

  3. Syldoran Says:

    ‘Course, I do find the majority of this thing annoying. As do many people, the comic equates “having a hobby” with “lifeless human overdoing it” in many of the examples. Cosplaying is not a bad thing, after all, unless you’re like that fat guy who did Tron. Or the other fat guy who did Sailor Moon.

    Those aren’t okay. >:C

    Thankfully, they are the minority, but we still get people who go “Waaahhh I don’t understand this and don’t like it waahh you are all stupid.”


  4. TB Tabby Says:

    Yeah, this article blows. It doesn’t just rely on tired, one-dimensional stereotypes, it revels in them. You know what’s more annoying than fanboys? People who think the mere existence of fanboys is some kind of crime against humanity. Fanboys can be annoying, sure, but at least they’re obsessed with something they enjoy, and if they annoy you, they’re easy enough to avoid.

    I bet the preferred response they would give us is “lighten up, we’re just joking!” But as they say on Snopes, if you have to say it’s just a joke, the joke wasn’t funny.

  5. TB Tabby Says:

    Also…no mention whatsoever of the Twihards. Sure, they’re fangirls rather than fanboys, but they’re far more annoying than any fanboy on that list.

  6. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I had to look up twihards. Now I wish I hadn’t. Far be it from me to piss on a bunch of tween girl masturbatory fantasies, but I just don’t get why two immortal kick ass warring dudes would fight so hard for the affection of an emotionally unstable high school girl. It’s not exactly like emotionally unstable high school girls (if that’s your thing) are rare.

    Also, too, the Tron guy rules! Let’s see you become an internet meme. Plus, the costume was really well done, even if it meant he never had time to get on a treadmill. Or see sunlight.

  7. abadidea Says:

    I have to say, the characterization of anime fans is extremely unfair. I have been watching anime since I was 5 and I have never ever ever watched hentai (18+). I have however seen many deeply thought-provoking stories dealing with morality and the human condition which happened to be cartoons.

  8. OtherRob Says:

    My wife has read all the Twilight books — and fully admits that they are crap. I read the first paragraph of the first book. In it the main character discusses the shirt she’s wearing and why this particular blouse is so important to her. At this point I realized that this was not a novel for me. 😉

  9. Syldoran Says:

    Alright Parrot, I’ll confess the Tron costume WAS well done. 😛 Even if the man in question may have wanted to reconsider. Can’t say I want to become an internet meme, though . . .

    You know, nobody ever mentions sports fanboys. Ever. Which is unfair, because they scream at the TV more than I ever could at an anime or a violent video game, and that says something.

  10. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Syldoran – Being a rabid (American) football fan and anime fan, I do agree with the sports fanboys problem.

    Have you ever watched the shows on ESPN2 that air in the late morning to mid-afternoon? The nuanced discussions they can have about the most trivial things happening to the most trivial players is absolutely astounding. They talk about big topics too, but there just isn’t a lot going on all the time.

    At work, we got to sort of vote on a “fun” channel to have on our lobby/break room digital signage teevee. ESPN2 won. Otherwise I never would have known these shows existed.

    Sometimes I imagine that someday the beltway media will take a cue from ESPN2 and actually discuss policy, statistics, process, and put 1/10th the effort into investigating issues as the sports fanboys too.

    That alone might fix government…