Jesus Christ’s Image Appears in Dog’s Ass

By way of the forum, we have this:

Kiss Jesus for luck.

14 Responses to “Jesus Christ’s Image Appears in Dog’s Ass”

  1. ParrotLover77 Says:

    That settles it for me. Time to repent my sins.

  2. ericsan Says:

    Jeez! Thanks, Ron! That will teach me to check your site while at work 🙂

  3. Ron Britton Says:

    I never claimed it was work safe! Did you read this one at work?

  4. Brian Says:

    I always knew this Jesus was full of shit…..

  5. Troy Says:

    I recall seeing this one before. It is also a fake, but J.C. has been seen everywhere else from tacos to tree stumps.

  6. Ron Britton Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a fake. Who goes around checking dogs’ butts for the savior?

  7. J. Jerrald Hayes Says:

    With all due respect, (yeah right) I’m not so sure it a fake. When I first saw this this morning I really did laugh out loud and I laughed hard. But this afternoon when I was out walking with my dog who carries her tail up in the air like a sickle as this dog does it wasn’t to hard at all to see an image of a woman in a wide black hoop dress (perhaps the Wicked Witch of the North) on my dog’s butt.

  8. ParrotLover77 Says:

    Obviously God created dogs to carry the image of Christ with them since dogs are Man’s Best Friend and God spelled backwards. I mean it’s as obvious to me as how evolution is not real because peanut butter just refuses to turn into life and bananas just fit so perfectly in your hand as if designed by a caring loving sky daddy!

  9. Amanda Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT’S HILARIOUS!!! When it come to Jesus, he’s very anal lol

  10. Aimee Says:

    Holy sh*t

  11. Hossam Says:

    where is your mind ? wake up people Jusus is a prophet not a god, and even he is a human is it a respect to this holy man to put his picture on dog’s ass >>> 🙁

  12. Gerald Rowe Says:

    Remember when God told Moses to write a stone for all His people to obey what He says, “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.” (means that do not use Jesus’ name like you make fun of Him or you will be punished for taking His name in vain). I don’t know if this photo is real or fake? But I think it was so funny when I looked at this photo. Ooops! I can’t help myself. LOL

  13. Gerald Rowe Says:

    I wish you must stop using my Lord’s name or He will punish you for writing a message like you said, “…Jesus was full of shit..” Please don’t use His name that you insulted Him for no reason. He sees you!

  14. Brian Says:


    Does Jesus watch you poop? Whenever you dig a booger out of your nose, does Jesus cross his arms, shake his head and say, “That Gerald! What a crazy nut. I wish my omniscience could be turned off so I wouln’t have to watch this shit.” Please say that you really do believe that. Please?