Indecent, but not Obscene

The Family Research Council sent me another email. (BTW, just what sort of “research” do these nitwits need to do on the family? “Prove” that gay marriage will bring God’s wrath down upon us in 1000 Katrinas? Instead, why don’t they research why half of all heterosexual Christian marriages end in divorce?)

Their message is calling April 25th a “national call-in day on broadcast indecency.” They say:

Please help us. Tomorrow, won’t you call your two U.S. senators and urge them to act on Rep. Fred Upton’s (R-MI) Broadcast Indecency Enforcement Act (H.R. 310)?…Broadcasters are now suing in federal court. They are claiming a so-called right to broadcast obscenities into our homes. This shameless behavior by the networks is a calculated insult to every American who cares about children and families.

Hey, there’s a freakin’ surprise! The bill is sponsored by a Republican!

I haven’t seen the text of the lawsuit, but somehow I doubt that the broadcasters are claiming a “right to broadcast obscenities.” That would serve no business purpose. Furthermore, the Supreme Court ruled years ago that indecent speech is protected, but obscene speech is not. My Satan-given psychic powers tell me that the broadcasters would just like to be able to air the occasional “hell”. That is (at most!) indecent, and therefore protected. Oh wait! Check my last post! This very same FRC was talking about how anti-abortionists had a right of free speech! I’m so confused! Are they in favor of free speech or against it?

We already curtailed the speech of TV broadcasters by “encouraging” them (under threat of even greater censorship) to come up with the content-rating system. No fundie ever needs to be exposed to what they believe are obscenities. Use your God-damn V-chip, you moron!

One Response to “Indecent, but not Obscene”

  1. The Reverend Says:

    This is a prime example of how christians rant and rave about how their free speech is being supressed and then they turn around and want to supress other’s right to free speech. Not even 1 article away on thsi site is Tony Perkins screeming how his “pro-unwanted babies” group can’t yell obscenities at women walking into planned parenthood to get birth control. And these people think they have morals.