You Might StumbleUpon a Hate Site. Like This One.

It burns in my heart.

I was checking StumbleUpon to see what people were saying about some of my articles that they were flagging. Most comments were positive, which I guess you’d expect if people are flagging it as a favorite. Some people leave negative comments. That’s fine, too. I’m not trying to please everyone, just the people in my target audience. I would prefer it if people came here to leave their negative comments, so I could respond, but I guess that’s not the way StumbleUpon works.

What’s funny is the occasional comment that is so extremely negative that I have a hard time imagining that somebody could really have such a distorted reaction. Do some people really go through life having such violent reactions to things they see? Apparently so. I guess these are the sorts of people who insist on censoring everything they disagree with.

A case in point is the reaction by a woman calling herself “ddoll”. Specifically, she was reacting to my article about the AIG Research Paper Winner, but she seems to be directing her comments to the site as a whole. (The StumbleUpon page of comments is here.)

And now for your enjoyment, here is ddoll’s review of the Bay of Fundie:

This is a hate site. Pure and simple. Why is it bothering this guy so much that Creationists believe what THEY want to believe and he can believe what HE wants to believe? There is no scientific proof either way on this theory and that is why both sides are still freely able to be taught. GET THE @#$% OVER IT ALREADY! Can’t believe this moron dedicates a whole site to mean-spirited slams against a certain group of people for their beliefs. How do people go through life being so volatile against anything that differs from their belief system? The world does not revolve around him because he’s atheist. Live and let live.

Yes, ddoll, how does someone go through life being so volatile against anything that differs from her belief system?

7 Responses to “You Might StumbleUpon a Hate Site. Like This One.”

  1. Arkonbey Says:

    What ddoll doesn’t understand is that a belief in creationism undermines many important aspects of science. Especially those relating to biology, geology and climatology.

    What she also missed is that many creationists dismiss the facts because they don’t agree with the bible (a millenia old document most of its readers do not read in its original language).

    Finally, she missed the fact that Creationists do no usually ‘live and let live’ themselves.

  2. The Watcher Says:

    Since when are creationism and evolution on equal scientific footing?

  3. vjack Says:

    I wonder if anyone expressing a different point of view of that reviewer automatically qualifies as hate speech.

  4. ausyoyo Says:

    May be the d is the mark ms doll got in science? I’ve noticed the right wing love to call left wing sites hate sites. Anyway who disagrees with them encourages a furious response.

  5. LMajors Says:

    Please remove my site below the hate image above as it is not on my site and has nothing to do with the context of our overall message.

  6. Ron Britton Says:

    Done. If I find an image only on one site, I like to credit where I swiped it from. Since it has nothing to do with your site, I removed the link.

  7. Bart v.d. M. Says:

    About ddoll:

    That is a hate comment. Pure and simple. Why is it bothering this lady so much that many atheists believe scientific consensus while SHE can believe what she wants to believe? There’s overwhelming scientific evidence for this theory and that is why only this side should freely be able to be taught in scientific education. Please get over it. Can’t believe she dedicates a whole review to insults and misrepresentations against a certain person for his opinions. How do people go through life being so volatile against anything that differs from their belief system? The world doesn’t revolve around creationism. Live and let live.