FRC Isn’t Straightforward

The latest idiot remark from Tony Perkins at the Fundie Research Council comes from his recent radio commentary:

A judge in the Sunshine State may have given residents a ray of hope on free speech. After months of giving pro-lifers the silent treatment, District Judge Donald Middlebrooks ruled that the soundproof zone around Florida abortion clinics violates the First Amendment. The law, which was designed to keep protesters at bay, banned unnecessary noise within a hundred feet of abortion clinics. But the truth is, there wouldn’t be any reason for the noise outside if those inside were straightforward about what abortion is, and does, to women.

Since when is this pinhead concerned about free speech? It’s idiots like this who complain every time they see a TV show that “offends” them. The only speech they want to protect is their own. Since they know for a fact that they speak for God, the subtext of their message is that they are protecting God’s speech. No one else’s speech is as worthy, so everyone else can be censored. That’s the problem with religious fanatics. They “know” they’re “right”, so they think they’re entitled to special privileges.

On the specific issue of a “soundproof zone” (I suspect that’s Tony’s term, because “soundproof” is a high standard to meet), cities regulate noise all of the time. You can’t blast your stereo too loud at night, because it disturbs the neighbors. The same logic extends to businesses. They should be allowed a reasonable amount of peace to go about their business. A quiet protester with a sign should be allowed to sit on the city sidewalk out front. But if a pack of wild fundies with megaphones is outside thumping bibles and harassing and intimidating everybody trying to pass by, that definitely falls under disturbing the peace.

It’s also ironic that Perkins is citing the First Amendment to justify his interference in other peoples lives. Hey, Tony, why don’t you read the other part of the amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or restricting the free exercise thereof.

And check out his last sentence: “[T]here wouldn’t be any reason for the noise outside if those inside were straightforward about what abortion is, and does, to women.”

It’s all about his pious cause. Because he “knows” he’s “right”, he can make all of the noise he wants. And what’s this crap about “what abortion … does to women”? Since when do you care about women, Tony? Your religion has dominated and subjugated women for 2000 years! Your Pope turned Mary Magdalene into a prostitute, because women were getting too powerful in the Church! (and he was your Pope, because this occurred before the Protestant “Reformation”) And it was your church that suppressed the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, because it put women on an equal footing with men! And since when are you fundies ever concerned about the living, anyway? The only thing you ever scream about are the not-yet-living and the already dead (e.g., Terri Schiavo).

And don’t throw that word “straightforward” around, you hypocritical douche! How about being straightforward about your own agenda? Should we bring out the chastity belts now, or do you want a couple more Supreme Court justices first?

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