Speaking of Festivus…

Festivus poles

(Image from The Wagner Companies.)

Don’t forget, it’s on December 23rd every year.

My favorite part of the holiday is the airing of grievances. I always have a long list of those.

If you can’t find an aluminum pole in your garage or attic, you can always buy one. They have a 6′ floor-standing pole for your living room. They also offer a 2’8″ table-top pole. I think the latter would be excellent for your desk at work, if you have an annoying Christian co-worker who is upset at the war on Christmas. Tell her that if she can’t wish you a “happy Festivus”, then you’ll accept “happy holidays”.

ReligiousTolerance.org has a good article, if you’ve forgotten the mythology.

This YouTube video is from the company that makes the poles.

[Video removed by fascist copyright holder]

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