Jesus Sent Me an Email

Dennett, Christ, Dawkins

Daniel Dennett, Jesus Christ, and Richard Dawkins

He wanted to advertise on my blog. I turned him down. That’s right. I said no to Jesus.

Actually, the email was from Troy Conrad, who portrays Jesus in a one-man stage production, The Comedy Jesus Show. I don’t currently carry paid advertising on this site (it’s more trouble than it’s worth). I told him that I’d check out his website and give him a free plug if I liked what I saw. The show does look pretty good.

I see by the schedule of “upcoming” performances that we’ve missed most of them! It played in Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and random parts of California over the summer, including the SF Fringe Festival in September (which I almost went to—I blew it!). If you live in Tucson, you’re in luck! There’s a performance on December 2nd. I assume there will be more performances next year, so bookmark the website and check back later.

There’s also a documentary about Conrad as Jesus as comedian. It comes out in late December. The website doesn’t say where you’ll be able to see it. I don’t know if it’s just the festival circuit right now or if it will be in your local arthouse. There’s no Internet Movie Database listing yet.

Here are a couple of videos promoting the stage show and/or movie. There are more on the website.

Bible Disclaimer

(YouTube page is here.)

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2 Responses to “Jesus Sent Me an Email”

  1. ausyoyo Says:

    i like the first clip best, also very worth checking out the Mr Deity series on youtube.

  2. Michael Nietzsche Says:

    Funny stuff! But not as funny as all those dumb f–king krixstians!