BVCSM Toon #10

Big Valley Creation Science Museum, Toon #10

3 Responses to “BVCSM Toon #10”

  1. ParrotLover77 Says:

    What’s the point of this picture? That horseshoe crabs have hardly (if at all) changed in the last 20 billion years? And that disproves evolution how, exactly, when evolution predicts just such occurrences?

  2. Ron Britton Says:

    To answer that, we have to turn to an “authority”: Creation Wiki! They state:

    Like many plants and animals, the horseshoe crab is a living fossil. Fossilized specimens have been found that are believed to be 300 million years old, and yet are virtually identical to modern varieties.

    “believed to be” is the warning sign here.

    These findings are consistent with the Bible, which says that God created the horseshoe crab and all the other types of sea creatures on the fifth day of creation only a few thousand years ago.

    Being consistent with a fairy tale is not proof of the fairy tale. Then we come to:

    Their existence puzzles evolutionists.

    No it doesn’t. Not one “evolutionist” has said that he’s puzzled by the existence of horseshoe crabs.

    In National Geographic, Biologist Sue Schaller says “You’ve got an animal that predates dinosaurs by 200 million years, and it hasn’t changed much at all. It hasn’t had to evolve.“ [emphasis added]

    That’s not puzzlement, that’s an explanation! Evolution isn’t a constant march of gradual change over time. It only occurs under environmental pressure. Horseshoe crabs reached a stable morphology 350 million years ago. Their environment has barely changed, so they’ve barely changed.

    It’s really pathetic that people who know nothing about evolution are running around telling people how evolution supposedly works.

  3. Jr. Says:

    Yeah, like a little man named “Dr.” Kent Hovind. I mean, I’d feel sound throwing a million dollars around if you can find me a carrot. Oh, and by carrot I mean “complex life on the Sun”. Cause the sun is a planet! Jesus says so, and it revolves around our flat earth.