I Was Warned About the Catholic Church!

Warning, Will Robinson!

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(Image from Live Journal Vintage Ads forum.)

Sometimes old advertisements are unintentionally prescient. The above ad actually is talking about all of the Catholic-bashing propaganda that Protestant groups love to spread around. It turns out all of those warnings about the Catholic Church were right, but for the wrong reasons.

Velociraptor Defamation

3 Responses to “I Was Warned About the Catholic Church!”

  1. Robert Madewell Says:

    They sent me all sorts of pamphlets and tracts condemning the Catholic teaching on the Sacraments, on Baptism, salvation and other topics.

    I wonder if those tracts looked anything like this one.

  2. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Robert – Is there really anybody else in the world with equal amounts of crazy and bad comic writing skills capable of creating silly anti-catholic / pro-protestant / pro-crazy pamphlets? I’m sure it was Chick.

    I’m glad you posted the top image. Now John 16:2-3 is my new favorite bible verse! I’m surprised nobody has annotated that yet.

  3. Helena Says:

    Yea! What about Semiramis! And IHS being the name of the Babylonian sun god!