BVCSM Toon #7

Big Valley Creation Science Museum, Toon #7

7 Responses to “BVCSM Toon #7”

  1. GodlessHeathen Says:

    Whoo! More pics! 🙂

  2. sil-chan Says:

    Why is it that that girl always has her mouth slightly agape, as if the museum is the most amazing thing ever? I mean, really now. Do creationist children generally think museums are ‘kewl’? I know I was considered a geek for liking museums at all and was persecuted and ostracized by my classmates for it (up until high school when geek became sheik (or whatever) and all).

  3. Cabbie X Says:

    Looks like she’s photoshopped into the pic, scroll down to her last appearance and compare. That your work, Ron, or theirs?? 🙂

  4. Ron Britton Says:

    Toon 6 is just a detail of toon 7. Look right under the word balloon, and you’ll see the dildo. This photo was a two-for-one!

  5. Jr. Says:

    WTF are nanomachines doing in a Creation museum? Nanomachines are the works of the Devil!!111 AND SCIENCE!!!!!111

    .. and aren’t recognized by Firefox’s spell checker.

  6. Jr. Says:

    I just caught this, too, what kind of animal runs on an electric motor? Where are electric motors considered nanomachines? Are the fundies convinced that something that is clearly a macromachine and we’re all made of it, or what?

    Oh, my god, I think I just had a neuron lapse. The scary part is that these people have children. Lots and lots of children.

    And the mouth-gape comes from being a drooling idiot. Or, if my naive confidence in humanity is still there, she’s just appalled at how stupid this entire 600-square foot biology funhouse is.

  7. Ron Britton Says:


    Creationists claim that the “motor” that drives the bacterial flagellum is virtually identical in structure to an electric motor. They are similar and have some analogous parts, but that doesn’t mean that the bacterium didn’t evolve.