Imagine How Much They’d Spend if They Weren’t “Conservative”

193 percent

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I received an email from Mike Huckabee. After discovering in 2008 that there weren’t quite enough fundies (yet) to propel him into the White House, he formed a political action committee. The purpose was to continue to tap fundies for as much money as he could while using that money to buy influence within the Republican party. He’s hoping this influence will pay off the next time he runs for Pope. Pope, after all, is what this theocrat wants to turn the presidency into.

This particular email, however, wasn’t about destroying the First Amendment. There’s plenty of time for that later! What he wants now is to pretend to be a fiscal conservative.

There are almost no fiscal conservatives of any prominence in the Republican party. There are lots of pretend fiscal conservatives, but none who live the values.

I’ve noticed almost all Republicans saying the same thing right now. Nothing in this particular email is unique to Huckabee, but it’s as good an example as any of them. Let’s take a quick look at it. (He doesn’t have this email on his website, but I did find a copy posted at a lunatic-fringe internet forum.)

Huckabee tells us about one of the commercials on the Super Bowl:

A car company had a commercial that had an interesting reference to Green Police giving people tickets for their lifestyle choices. For some of us that’s not too far of a stretch for a government growing bigger and bigger by the day under this administration and this Congress.

What we really need is a cop to rein this Congress and administration in. Someone or something to check their power grab and protect the taxpayers of this nation who don’t want their hopes and dreams crippled by a burdensome national debt.

He’s right. The national debt is now staggering. It is a straight-jacket on the economy and will be a devastating burden on generations to come. How did we get in this mess?

The following chart (from Wikipedia) shows the public debt in two ways: In dollars (not adjusted for inflation) on top and as percentage of GDP on the bottom. (BTW, the public debt is a bit different from national debt, but I couldn’t find that chart. This will have to suffice.)

Don't tax but do spend Republicans

Funny thing about that chart.

The pink bands represent Republican presidents. The blue bands represent Democratic presidents.

It’s a good thing we’ve had to suffer the occasional “big government”, “big spending” Democrat. I don’t think we could have survived any more “fiscally-responsible” Republicans.

5 Responses to “Imagine How Much They’d Spend if They Weren’t “Conservative””

  1. Thomas Says:

    Do remember that Republicans don’t consider money used to buy weapons to be “spending.”

  2. godlizard Says:

    You know, technically, “tax and spend” is how it works. First, you generate revenue, then, you spend it. “Spend and spend” has never proved to be a viable strategy, mathematically anyway.

  3. S. Says:

    great post,ITA! I don’t care for repubs in general.I don’t care if they are fundies or not,they all seem to have fundie traits in one way or another.And Huckabee is quite a character himself.I can’t even begin to imagine the things that would take place if he were in office! (He would probably start a Target wish list for his White House needs,LOL).

  4. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I am not a Paultard. In fact, I disagree with most of his political stances. However, one thing I really highly respect him for is being an actual fiscal conservative.

    Republicans, in general, haven’t been fiscally conservative in many decades. For Republican presidents setting their agenda (as seen by that graph), it has been even longer.

    It’s fair to say that Democrats, in general, haven’t been fiscally conservative until recently. Part of what that graph doesn’t show is that the debt itself may have been decreased, but this was also due to higher taxes in the first half of the 20th century.

    Now, I don’t put fiscal conservativeness on a pedestal like teabaggers and paultards do. Higher taxes are fine with me. I hardly pay any taxes at all in income. In fact, since I have a new mortgage, I think I’ve completely maxed out my deductions for a couple years now. I have no problem paying for state services that are useful to me and others. Within reason, of course. Things like roads, parks, police dept, fire dept, and so on, that’s nice.

    Still, it’s good for a country to have true tax-and-spenders like me and Paultards battling it out in Congress. We don’t both get everything we want, and yet things would work out pretty well after compromises are made.

    But, of course, that’s not happening.

    What’s happening in reality is Democrats fighting for some tax cuts and Republicans fighting for more. The debt still grows…

    Very sad. And in the mean time, we still don’t have health care.

    Thank the FSM we have a few sane politicians like Bernie Sanders (on the left) and Ron Paul (on the right). If only we had more.

    Again, I think Ron Paul is wrong on most issues. I just think he’s intellectually honest, unlike the de facto leaders of the Republican party, like Rush, Palin, and Bronzer Boehner.

  5. alex a Says:

    Funny how he denounces “giving people tickets for their lifestyle choices”, while, I bet, at the same time he would rage over the abominable lifestyle choices of homosexual people.

    It’s only bad when it’s inconvenient.