Merry Xmas Obama, from Your Friends at WND

Those wonderful theocratic Constitution-haters over at WorldNutDaily are always running polls. Their latest one is “What would you like to give Obama for Christmas?

The poll isn’t quite over, but I think the trend is clear. Let’s see what the folks who are supposed to be full of love for their fellow man think about that question. Here are the top 8 answers:

WND poll results

Notice how the top three answers all have to do with him allegedly being born in Kenya. Collectively, that’s 56.7%. Over half of WorldNutDaily readers (who answered the poll) believe in a documented falsehood.

Considering that probably more than 99% believe in a likely falsehood (God), that’s actually not such a bad number!

People giving the next two answers (15%) hate Obama so much that through their rage it looks to them like he is doing something illegal. (You know, like starting an illegal war, or torturing prisoners, or outing a CIA agent, or…)

Other answers tell us that these people think he hates America, is trying to destroy it, and should be fired.

Let’s look at the next 8 answers:

WND poll results

Out at this level, the numbers are so small that they don’t represent any significant percentage of the WND readers, but they do give us an idea of the sentiment that some of them have.

There’s more America hating in there, some theocracy, and a few other random ideas. I agree with giving him a copy of the Constitution, since he is continuing some of Bush’s bad ideas (e.g., warrantless wiretaps).

Finally, let’s look at the last 9 answers:

WND poll results

Many of these answers are actually positive, so a few liberals actually snuck in and responded to the poll. The other answers have so few responses that they’re just noise.

Actually, everything that WND and the other extremist media produce is just noise. Constitution-hating noise.

19 Responses to “Merry Xmas Obama, from Your Friends at WND”

  1. Thomas Says:

    I do find it bothersome that only eight people, not eight percent but eight individuals, had anything to say about concern for human life.

  2. igor Says:

    I also notice that 4% (154 people) who perceive that he is destroying our country, would “lovingly” subject some other poor country to destruction. Next WND poll: Which country would you rather see Obama destroy?

  3. 4ndyman Says:

    Ron — your last 2 images are identical. Since you promised “the last nine,” and the image shows only eight, I assume that the last image is the incorrect one.

  4. K-Fed Says:

    56.7% birthers O.o

    It’s a good thing these people don’t get a say in politics or anything.

  5. Barbara Says:

    The poll isn’t quite over, so wouldn’t it be fun to skew the results?

  6. K-Fed Says:

    Omg. It isn’t over! Everyone vote for “A National Monument in his honour”!

    No. Wait. That will probably re-affirm everything the crazies believe about the supposed Obama sycophants.

    There’s no way to beat the crazy.

    I can’t pick a favourite comment from the page. There are so many good ones.

  7. Ron Britton Says:


    Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed it.

  8. Ron Britton Says:

    It’s not worth trying to skew. I don’t get nearly enough traffic to make even a tiny dent in a poll like that. Unless you can overwhelm them several times over, I don’t think it has any effect on them.

  9. mary b Says:

    Thank you for reading WingNutDeadly so we don’t have to.

  10. Hotspur666 Says:

    Thank you for your courage attacking the “religion of peace”…

    Very brave of you bilge rats to attack christians who never hit back…try once against
    fellew sewer critters of mahomet-baphomet!!!

    But you are nothing but as bunch of sniveling hippie skunks…telling you BOO would
    give you yellow livered commies a heart attack!!!

    By the way, I’m not even christian, but maybe I
    should sick your fellow muslim creeps on you!!!

    Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace
    “He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah’s cause”
    Muhammad, prophet of Islam

    2009.12.21 (Mogadishu, Somalia) – Five Somalis near a minibus are murdered by al-Shabaab bombers.
    2009.12.21 (Abyan, Yemen) – al-Qaeda militants booby-trap an area with explosives, killing two civilians.
    2009.12.20 (Mosul, Iraq) – Mujahideen gund down two local cops.
    2009.12.20 (Mogadishu, Somalia) – One Somali is killed in a mortar attack by Islamic militia.
    2009.12.19 (Poonch, Pakistan) – An Indian border guard is shot by a Muslim sniper from Pakistan.
    2009.12.19 (Mosul, Iraq) – Jihadi gunmen take down three Iraqis in separate attacks.

  11. Wurdulac Says:


    A-are you serious? You must be fucking joking…. If I knew how to link things, I’d do so much linking…oh the linking I’d do. It’d make your fricking head spin.

    I’m not going to be bothered by a troll, though. Go elsewhere, there’s no food for you here. Only pain.

  12. Syldoran Says:

    I can’t even . . . what? Did he call us Muslim?

    Alright, I demand compensation for a new brain, Hotspur. You seem to have broken mine.

  13. Another Steve Says:


    “religion of peace”…Hmmm This must be secret code for blowing up an abortion clinic, or shooting doctors.

    Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  14. Ron Britton Says:

    Hotsex666 actually tried to leave another comment just a few minutes after it left the first one. The comment contained two links, so it was automatically caught by my spam filter. The links were to graphic images of a Muslim atrocity (a stoning in Somalia), so I really don’t need that on my site.

    That’s one thing I’ve noticed about some fundies. They decry violence, but then really get their rocks off looking at pictures of Muslim violence. Or, like Bill Johnson, they decry “pornography”, then spend their days watching racy TV shows and counting the number of times they see cleavage. These people are mentally off-kilter. They have some major repression going on.

    Here’s what Hotporn666 said in the comment that got filtered:

    See what your creepy muslim friends do everyday:

    But you revolting snakes NEVER say a thing
    about muslims because you are their stooges!!!

    This demonstrates a massive logical impairment. They really are incapable of rational thought. We see that demonstrated repeatedly with their “proofs” of creationism, for example.

    The above comment, though, is an example of one particular logical failing that a lot of blight-wingers have. It works like this:

    • I hate freedom of speech, because somebody might say something that hurts my feelings.
    • I just heard PERSON X say something I disagree with.
    • PERSON X supports freedom of speech.
    • Therefore, PERSON X also believes everything that the most extreme out-to-lunch liberal in the world ever believed.

    Their definition of an atheist is someone who hates God and Christians but loves another religion (that also happens to worship the exact same god).

    Their definition of an atheist is someone who is opposed to all of the extreme, violent, and anti-social behavior of Christians but loves all of the extreme, violent, and anti-social behavior of Muslims.

  15. Jeff Eyges Says:

    An insightful deconstruction, Ron.

    But you revolting snakes NEVER say a thing about muslims because you are their stooges!!!

    Nyuk, nyuk, indeed.

  16. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Crazy primitive muslims stoning to death somebody for some petty reason because their religious text says so is just as disgusting, inhumane, and pure evil as a crazy christian gunning down a doctor for performing a legal medical procedure because their religious text says so.

    There. We done now? We hate crazy no matter what religious it comes from. It just happens that there are more crazy christians in the west than crazy muslims, so they then to get more attention, being our local crazy and all.

  17. cnocspeireag Says:

    I seem to remember the Sega ad in a UK comic called Viz, but I might be wrong. This ad would have been quite tame compared to the actual content of the comic.

  18. hotspur666 Says:

    [Deleted by admin for violation of comment policy.]

  19. hotspur666 Says:

    [Deleted by admin for violation of comment policy.]

    Even with breath mints, they're unpleasant