Carnival of Executions

An execution device in your living room

Teddy Bear is a blasphemer! Nail him to the cross!

It has been quite a while since I participated in a Carnival of the Godless. Now that my life is partially back to normal, it’s time to rejoin the fun. This week it is being held over at The Gaytheists. You’ll find ten good articles.

The best of the bunch is “A Torture Device on a Christmas Tree
(by) ((Billy)) (((the))) ((((Atheist)))) (((((.)))))

It tells us that some people are so concerned about the alleged War on Christmas that they’ve created a Christmas tree built out of a cross. That’s the monstrosity you see at the top of this post. Billy writes:

This CHRIST-mas tree, a propaganda release for the imaginary War on Christmas, has now taken the Christmas joy and tossed in blood, gore, torture and execution. What better way to celebrate peace and goodwill than a torture device? How better to enjoy family and togetherness than looking at a Roman execution device?

Go read that article, and then check out the rest.

One Response to “Carnival of Executions”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Personally, I think we should escalate the War on Xmas. This is one of the rare conflicts that could be addressed through the liberal application of napalm.