Diagramming the Joke

I know that some of you might not be completely current on some of the more disgusting slang words out there, so you may not have fully enjoyed just how revoltingly funny Pop-Up Bible Stories, Part 1 was.

Thankfully, Jon Stewart comes to the rescue. I can’t post any video here, because Viascum is very aggressive about their copyrights. However, you can go over to Santorum Exposed to watch the video. Highly recommended.

How much DO you know about former Senator Rick Santorum?

2 Responses to “Diagramming the Joke”

  1. Lepht Says:

    i wonder if that little informational wreck there is gonna tell me what’s the best way to clean up real santorum, or just spew it at me metaphorically speaking. *trots off in search of PDFs*


  2. sadisticon Says:

    Good, I like a short video; I had coffee this morning and my ADHD is acting up.