So Why Was One Elected Governor?

Here’s something I happened to miss. In the state of Texas, dildos are illegal!

Dildo Diaries documentary

(According to Pandagon, this is also true in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi.)

I guess only synthetic dildos are illegal:

They grow 'em bigger in Texas!

A few years ago, somebody made a documentary about this whole silly mess. It’s called Dildo Diaries. I guess I’ll have to rent it. To lubricate whet your appetite, here’s an excerpt I found on YouTube. It features the late, great Molly Ivins discussing the ban.

One Response to “So Why Was One Elected Governor?”

  1. Lepht Says:

    ah yes, you see, this is to safeguard the Texan women from the stigma of losing their hymen, which then means they can’t be properly marketed to the highest-bidding camel-dealer a la Old Testament. it’s *morality!* see?

    you don’t see? pleasure shouldn’t be prohibited, you say? why, you must be a dildo-dealer. arrest this man.