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Even if you don’t read my post, follow this link to read the excellent article by Republican Glenn Greenwald on the Unclaimed Territory blog. Just because somebody disagrees with the President, it doesn’t make him an enemy of the state!

When Bay of Fundie used to be a podcast, I received an email from a listener who appreciated my criticism of the Christian fundamentalists but objected to my jabs at the Bush administration. This issue is worth discussing, especially if you have noticed similar things creeping in to some of my posts.

I am a liberal and proud of it. However, I am not Democrat-style liberal. The Democratic party and its Hollywood cronies have a very specific form of “liberalism.” It has evolved over the years to encompass the diverse collection of people who call themselves Democrats. The pillars of the party, such as affirmative action, organized labor, women’s/gay/minority/immigrant/jackalope rights, big-government welfare state, etc. are at least as much a business reality (i.e., success of and continuation of the party) as a philosophical one (i.e., what they hope to achieve).

It’s very easy for pundits on the right to take their branding irons out of the fire and burn an “L” onto somebody’s forehead. It’s an easy shorthand, but it’s frequently an oversimplification.

I sometimes oversimplify things on this website myself, but I try to restrict it to fundies and theocons, which are much narrower categories. Obviously not every fundie or theocon holds the exact same set of beliefs, and I’m not trying to imply that they do; I’m just talking about the many who do. If I slam the Republicans, I am only referring to the gang who have taken over the Republican party, not the huge number of reasonable, rational Republicans.

The right-wing pundits have done a good job of convincing many people that all “liberals” think alike. I disagree with a lot of the Democratic party’s positions. I won’t go into which I like and which I don’t, because I don’t want this site to drift too far afield. Here’s a good rule of thumb, though: If Jessie Jackson supports something, I probably don’t.

It’s also important to remember that I actually support many of the original Republican party’s beliefs, such as balanced budgets and minimal government intrusion into citizens’ private lives. The current version of the G.O.P. has been hijacked by a bunch of jack-booted thugs: neocons, fundies, and their bastard offspring, theocons.

Any Bush-bashing I do is not because I’m anti-Republican. I would love to see a return to the old-style Republican party. Then the two major parties could work out some reasonable compromises in Congress and move the country forward in a manner beneficial to all.

The Bush-bashing I do is because the neocon agenda is extremely anti-American. Except for a few Haliburton executives, almost every person in the United States, in fact almost every person in the world, will be harmed by neocon policies.

There is some overlap in the neocon and fundie agendas, but for the most part, the fundies are being used by the neocons solely for political gain. Ultimately, any fundie goals that conflict with neocon goals will be kicked overboard.

Coverage of neocons on this site is relevant, because the fundies have put the neocons in power. The fundies have sold their soul to the devil. Just as in the classic stories of unwitting fools who have done likewise, the fundies have gained a lot of wealth and power. The cost for this is larger than they imagine. Ultimately, they will gravely regret the bargain they have made.

A lot of liberals have thrown around comments that G.W. Bush is Hitler. Those comments are often funny, but they aren’t true. They are often made to get people’s attention; to wake them up about what is happening.

Know this: George W Bush is not Hitler! Nazism is a sick variation of fascism. It placed the “Aryan race” above the state. Bush, like Mussolini, is focussed on corporatism. Bush is a fascist!! Wake up and smell the (Italian) coffee! Hitler used some of Mussolini’s techniques to build Nazism, but that didn’t make him a true fascist. Now Bush is using some of Hitler’s techniques to build fascism, but that doesn’t make him a Nazi.

The Italians got their trains running on time, at the expense of their democracy. We’re not even getting that. We’ve traded our democracy for an illusion of protection from terrorists.

My country went to fascism, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.

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