Distributing His “Fixed” Version

Speaking of Jeff Eyges (who apparently needs his own blog), he alerted me to this comic. It comes from a site called Atheist Cartoons, which I was unfamiliar with.

On the Origin of Retardation

7 Responses to “Distributing His “Fixed” Version”

  1. Jeff Eyges Says:

    In the interest of disclosure/good manners, I must tell you that I got it from a friend, a young man who has recently deconverted from Orthodox Judaism:

  2. Jeff Eyges Says:

    Oh, duh – I meant I found the site through him. He posted a different cartoon!

    Apparently, I blew out my neurons coming up with that other remark!

  3. Odfthederech Says:

    Thanks Jeff!

    I have to say, I agree with our host that you should start your own blog. Just put up one or two posts. It will be lots of fun, I promise.

  4. Jeff Eyges Says:

    Too much work.

  5. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Blog authoring isn’t any more work than commenting on blogs. 🙂

  6. Syldoran Says:

    They lie. I tried to blog and couldn’t keep up after a week. XD But your mileage may vary; ADD keeps me from sticking with much of anything.

    But I approve that Atheist Cartoons has been noticed. I’ve been reading it for awhile; don’t know why it never struck me to show it to the masses.

  7. Jeff Eyges Says:

    I was going to start three years ago. All the good names were taken.