Conservababes Pix #5: The Brew

[I’m on vacation right now, so here is a quick post I wrote in advance. Feel free to discuss it among yourselves.]

Welcome to our final installment of pictures from Conservababes. You’re going to be glad you stuck it out to the end. I’ve saved the best for last! I give you: The Brew!

Brew 1

Har! Har! Har! Oh boy! They should be writing for The Daily Show!

Brew 5

If you haven’t yet glanced at the length of this post, do so now.

Brew 3

That’s right. There’s TEN of these things!

Brew 4

And each one is funnier than the last!

Brew 2

Notice anything else?

Brew 10

That’s right. In almost every one of these “funnies”, you’re supposed to read the dialog on the right first.

Brew 8

That goes against the laws of comics. You always start reading the word balloon at the top left.

Brew 9

The only excuse for that is either an inability to reverse the image, or total retardation.

Brew 7

OK. That rules out inability to reverse the image.

Brew 6

I hope you’ve “enjoyed” this week with Conservababes, but your fun isn’t over yet! I’m not back from vacation yet, so I’ve got a special bonus image for you tomorrow! It’s from a different fundie website. As you’ve seen over the last few days, fundie graphics are so fun and creative that you don’t dare miss tomorrow’s post! Don’t be left out on Monday, when the whole gang is standing around the water cooler saying “Did you see Bay of Fundie on Sunday? That post was even more amazing than normal! It was the best blog article I’ve read in ages!”.

So don’t miss it!

9 Responses to “Conservababes Pix #5: The Brew”

  1. Alexander Says:

    I can’t reach the conservababes page, Is it down or are they filtering the non-US IPs?

  2. mbx24 Says:

    Oh, I originally didn’t get these, because of the right-to-left text. It just seemed like gibberish. I mean, seriously; how stupid do you have to be to write the text of a comic in the wrong direction?

  3. K-Fed Says:

    I got to the conservababes page just fine and I’m outside the US.

    If you really want to see something retarded, check out the last picture of the series where the man wearing the “Evolution is the Way” sign is MS Painted (judging by these photos, creationists are apparently allergic to photoshop)onto the plane-about-to-crash-into-the-world-trade-centre photo.

  4. Syldoran Says:

    Why is he saying “Oh ya” after near everything the other one says?

    That’s laziness right there. And also just pure failure.

    But of course you can’t expect them to be really funny, though; the fundies often seem to have the sticks so far up their rears that the fact that they’re even trying to amuse their masses is a great miracle in itself.

  5. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Fundie humor is stuck in the third grade, but without all the fart jokes that make third graders actually funny sometimes.

    I picked up on the RTL speech balloons immediately. But that’s probably just because I’m used to Manga. My brain sort of switches modes as soon as a conversation doesn’t make sense. That said, unless this was translated from the original less funny Japanese version, the author has no excuse.

  6. OtherRob Says:

    Actually, using a repeated word or phrase can have a comedic effect if it’s done right. However, here it’s not done right…

  7. Syldoran Says:

    Okay, I’ll concede that, OtherRob. But yeah, just not done right at all . . .

    One that leaves me really confused is the candy corn one. What does candy corn have to do with anything? At all? Perhaps I’m missing out on a tidbit of information, but . . .

  8. OtherRob Says:

    I think the candy corn one is supposed to be their “Halloween special”. Or perhaps that should be “incredibly lame Halloween special”. 🙂

  9. Syldoran Says:

    Perhaps it has something to do with that unnatural phenomenon where you love candy corn, but after so many you just get sick of them?

    Like these pictures were funny for a little while, because you could laugh at the fundies, but then you realized how hopeless they were, and your sudden loss of hope in humanity made you feel nauseous.