Why Creationists are Wrong about Macroevolution

Evolution of the ape.

My recent article about the Answers in Genesis creationism essay contest winner got mentioned on Bad Astronomy (thanks, Phil!), so I got a big traffic spike. This led to a lot of good comments on the article (and for the last time, I wasn’t attacking all homeschoolers, just the Christian extremists, who make up a disproportionately large percentage).

Of the 40+ comments, there were several from a creationist named Rissa. At first, I responded cordially (for me anyway), but she kept coming back with more stupid comments. I had to smack her a little harder each time. Go check it out. It’s funny!

Some of the other commenters also responded to her (More civilly, though. Where’s the fun in that?) and all made some excellent points. I want to especially thank Bonder for reminding me of the videos of YouTube user cdk007. I had been planning to periodically feature those videos here, so now is a good time for another.

One of Rissa’s many comments was that there is no proof that macroevolution has occurred. Here is cdk007’s excellent video about macroevolution:

(YouTube page is here. It’s worth going over there to read cdk007’s long introduction to the video.)

6 Responses to “Why Creationists are Wrong about Macroevolution”

  1. Fundie McFundsalot Says:

    Yeah, but… if humans evolutionistized from monkeys, WHY ARE THERE STILL MONKEYS?!!

  2. Fundie McFundsalot Says:

    The Atheist Delusion tells all –

  3. Ron Britton Says:

    Life started in the oceans. So what I really want to know is:
    If life evolved in the oceans, why are there still oceans?

    Ouch! My brain hurts!

  4. Fundie McFundsalot Says:

    “Life started in the oceans. So what I really want to know is:
    If life evolved in the oceans, why are there still oceans?”

    Dude, you just defeated yourself! GOOD JOB!

  5. dan Says:

    I like when a creature is found that was supposed to be extinct millions of years ago. The Darwinist response is always “Wow, a few of them surivived for millions of years.”

    The creationist response is “It probably wasn’t from millions of years ago in the first place.”

  6. sadisticon Says:

    How many species have been found that were thought to be extinct to which the scientific response has been “Wow, a few of them survived…?” I need specific references. It’s, um, for a paper, yes, that’s it, it’s for a paper…