Real Science Essays

My recent article about the AIG Creation Science Essay Contest winner was a bit depressing. Remember that it wasn’t just this one girl who is afflicted. Many other kids entered this contest (the AIG website doesn’t say how many), and countless more are taught the same creationist babble. It’s sad how many lives are being turned away from the thrill of science, the thrill of discovery, the thrill of finding out how the world works.

For contrast, head on over to Northstate Science. Christopher O’Brien has a more optimistic article about a real science essay contest. Here are just a few of the winning essays:

Ashley Hunt (7th grade) — Algae in the Weiva River: Is it Helping or Hurting Water Quality?
Noah McDonald (7th grade) — The Toads of Delaware County
Alexandria Day (8th grade) — An Analysis of Water Quality on the Severn River over Two Years

That’s right. Seventh and eighth grades. The higher grade levels have some even more impressive stuff. Compare that with what’s in the winning essays from the creationist contest.

There’s hope for at least some of this next generation. How tragic that not all kids can be exposed to a good (i.e., real) science education.

3 Responses to “Real Science Essays”

  1. Marky Says:

    great, thats what we want to see, logical inquistive thinking.

  2. RayCeeYa Says:

    Sad to say but science classes are one of the first things cut from school curriculums these days. In my high school I took every science and math elective I could, but in the end I only got three science classes in four years of high school. We literally only had three science classes to take. A general science course, biology (taught by and IDer) and a general chemistry course. None of these had any associated laboratory experiments to go with them.

    Also remember that this was a 4A public high school with almost 2000 students. And this wasn’t even in Kansas or Kentucky this was in Oregon.

    Lets just say that the late 90s were a very bad time for public education funding here.

  3. Jr. Says:

    I’m so glad that my school doesn’t push this sort of nonsense.

    All the fancy writin’ words in the world won’t make a turd into a gold bar.