God Ousts Bush from the Garden of Eden

From Unfairly Balanced:

God ousts Bush from the Garden of Eden.

12 Responses to “God Ousts Bush from the Garden of Eden”

  1. Lepht Says:

    ach… eyes….

  2. Vaguely Frightened Says:

    This image wil haunt me until the day I die. It really really will.

  3. The Watcher Says:

    Oh sweet mother of Jesus…

  4. Wawaset Warrior Says:

    Other than the naked truth of this cartoon I find it remarkable that both ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ have navels. I’d like to know the history of this paintig.

  5. Lepht Says:

    Wawaset, that’s a really good point – i guess we’re supposed to believe that the navel is actually a… uh, a trick of Satan? yeah, trick of the devil. evil navel.


  6. Beckie Says:

    Whoever posted this image has no respect for God. Even if you hate Bush THAT bad and bespise what he did. You still have no right to do what you did. People think they can mess around with the word of God and get away with it. Well, they’re wrong. In the beginning it was Adam and Eve and that’s NOT what God thold them when he was pushing them out of the Garden of Eden. I feel sorry for whoever posted and made this image. May God forgive really forgive you.

  7. Ron Britton Says:


    I have more respect for God than you have for the English language.

  8. K-Fed Says:

    I call Poe’s Law on Beckie.

    Even the Funnest Fundie can’t be that language imapaired.

  9. Ron Britton Says:

    Actually, he’s quite educated by fundie standards. He may have even finished 6th grade.

  10. Parrotlover77 Says:

    You still have no right to do what you did.

    That’s the best part of this drive-by post. He sure does have the right and he took advantage of that right. Want to take bets on Beckie’s thoughts about the “rights” of gitmo detainees and teabagger rallies?

  11. Jeff Eyges Says:

    1. Why is the angel holding up God’s cloud?

    2. Where is his other hand?

  12. Brian Says:

    2. Where is his other hand?

    I think the angel’s face says it all.

    Also, is it just me, or does Condi resemble Jabba the Hutt in this picture. The goat really does resemble that little laughing alien monkey that pecked out C-3PO’s eye. Bo shuda, indeed.