God’s Warriors

For the next three nights (Tuesday–Thursday), CNN is running a three-part report called God’s Warriors. It airs at 6 PM, 9 PM, and midnight Pacific time. If they only have one satellite, then adjust accordingly for your time zone.

Here’s the schedule:
Tuesday: God’s Jewish Warriors
Wednesday: God’s Muslim Warriors
Thursday: God’s Christian Warriors

(If you let the kids stay up late to watch it, make sure they wear their Armor of God PJs.)

Holy night warriors

3 Responses to “God’s Warriors”

  1. Jr. Says:

    Hey, yeah, send your kids out to slumber parties with those. They won’t be ridiculed for those hats at all.

    Why is it so hard for fundies to understand metaphors? First the Bible, now this.

  2. Lepht Says:

    fuck, can you imagine it? i don’t think there *is* a better way to get beaten the fuck up at a sleepover than wearing that… uh, outfit.


  3. Michers Says:

    The question is, how the the boys supposed to sleep while wearing spiky hats like that? Do they take them off, or are they told to leave them on so the forces of Darkness won’t damage their brain (but will, however, damage the forces of fluffiness they rest their head on).

    And I think they’d more likely be going to sleepovers with their own kind, so they (most likely) wouldn’t be made fun of as much.