Skeptics’ Circle #67

Nothing funny about the damage Behe is doing to science education

(Image from Science Notes)

The 67th Skeptics’ Circle is up at The Bronze Blog. Although the Skeptics’ Circle is supposed to be about all unfounded crazy ideas (astrology, psychics, alien abductions, etc.), it specifically limits its religion coverage to creationism and related crackpottery. Despite this, the bulk of the entries this week are about religion. I wonder if that’s a barometer of the relative threats to society by nutty ideas.

The Circle’s entry that I found the most interesting was Blake Stacey’s dissection of Michael Behe’s appearance last week on The Colbert Report. Behe is an especially dangerous creationist, because he doesn’t sound as crazy as most of them. If you saw the interview and were wondering about a few of Behe’s claims, rest assured that evolution is not wrong; Behe is.

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  1. Blake Stacey Says:

    Thanks for the kind words!