Teabag Czar

I actually thought I’d have more time for blogging while living in a hotel. I don’t have all of my home distractions, like the Tivo, a fast & reliable internet connection, and giant plumes of mold spores.

I’ve actually spent a lot more time dealing with contractors than I anticipated. That, plus watching the internet through a slooooooowwwww hotel connection has eaten up a lot of time. Since I don’t have my RSS reader set up here, I’ve mostly been reading the blogs in my blogroll. There’s a reason those are there, folks. They’re all good blogs. You should take another look at them if you haven’t recently.

So what happens is I see a great article in one of those blogs and I say “Oh crap! I haven’t posted in a while. I know! I’ll just steal that!”

So once again, I’m having to steal from Vjack. If you look back at the things I’ve borrowed from him recently, they’ve all been about the teabaggers. He’s very good at finding the best examples of their idiocy. Therefore, I am formally declaring Vjack the official Bay of Fundie Teabag Czar.

This video is worth watching. It won’t actually teach you anything you don’t already know. We all know that most teabaggers are ignorant illiterate morons. Fortunately, they are a minority. (Unfortunately, a very loud minority.) If you can actually distance yourself from the fact that these people are trying to sabotage our country and destroy the only hope we have for trying to undo some of the damage of the last eight years, it’s actually a very funny video. It’s the American freak show. PT Barnum would have loved to put them all into his freak museum, next to the Cardiff Giant and Fiji Mermaid. So just sit back and enjoy Morons on Parade.

(YouTube page is here)
Thanks to Bunkie and J. Jerrald Hayes for the fixed video link!

7 Responses to “Teabag Czar”

  1. Luna600 Says:

    For real??? some of these people need to take their money and buy a clue. Becuase most of them are clueless to what is actually going on.

  2. sue blue Says:

    Well, this is what happens when people take the bible literally and marry their first cousins. This kind of distilled stupidity takes generations to breed. Especially that kid – the blond boy – who was so inarticulate he couldn’t string two words together before trailing off into vacuous blankness. He actually made his hero GW Bush look like a Toastmaster’s champ.

  3. Brian Says:

    My favorite was the crazy grandma: “Heez a Muzzlem!” Thank you, insane redneck lady, for teaching me how to laugh again. I also loved the guy who was for Joe Wilson for President before he was against him

    I linked this to my facebook page, and one of my friends, who is a Republican, said this:

    “facepalm: Why do the most vocal members of my party have to be the dumbest?”

  4. alnonymous Says:

    The youtubes report this video is private, is there an alternate way to watch?

  5. Ron Britton Says:

    They made it private after I posted it. Does anybody know where there is another copy?

  6. Bunkie Says:


    Try this link.

    The funny thing is that he got it from you! 🙂

  7. Ron Britton Says:


    Thanks for finding that. JJH must have pulled that URL out of the video, whereas I just linked to whichever copy Vjack used.