It’s Not a Choice It’s a Consumer

Blastocysts have more disposable income than any other demographic

(Image from God is for Suckers)

The Orlando Sentinel (via Crooks and Liars and En Tequila Es Verdad) tells us about a bunch of loons who want a constitutional amendment in Florida and a dozen other states to define a fertilized egg as a person. Not only would this outlaw abortion, but also oral contraceptives and the morning-after pill.

As radical an idea as that is, that isn’t even what caught my attention. That shows how bad things have gotten in this country, when a group trying to take away your right to contraception doesn’t shock me any more. Of course that’s what they want to do. After they’ve accomplished that, they’ll go after spermicide (this is what’s known as the “sticky slope” argument).

What caught my attention was their masterful grasp of economics:

At a press conference in Tallahassee, speakers blamed abortion for the financial insolvency of Social Security and the bankruptcy of American auto manufacturers, citing the millions of terminated pregnancies since Roe. v. Wade as costing the nation citizens and customers.

14 Responses to “It’s Not a Choice It’s a Consumer”

  1. luna600 Says:

    Ok now maybe i’m just not understanding this correctly but these people are stating that the whole cause of the financial issues here in the USA is because of people getting abortions??? I thought that was former Prez Bushes fault. Now I could be wrong.

  2. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Those types of amendments will never pass. Ed (of Gin and Tacos blog) explains why and I completely agree.

  3. mu Says:

    Yes, luna600, you are wrong. Abortion and contraception are responsible for the financial crisis. Abortion is also why you’re having a health care crisis and you’re about to get even more abortion but this time it will be for the elderly (Death Panels). When you kill millions of babies, God removes his protection from the hearts of men and that lets greed, murder, and all sorts of other evil in; God also sends hurricanes and terrorists to destroy evil places like New Orleans and New York.

    Did I miss anything?

  4. Jeff Eyges Says:

    Did I miss anything?

    Only reality. Oh – and the fact that you’re a moron.

  5. Ron Britton Says:

    I think Mu is being ironic.

  6. luna600 Says:

    No I think hes being sarcastic.

  7. Ron Britton Says:

    You’re right. I meant that but couldn’t think of the word. Considering sarcasm is how I deal with imbeciles in the real world, you’d think I’d know it.

  8. Jeff Eyges Says:

    D’oh! (Or perhpas I should say “P’oh!”)

    If that’s the case I apologize – but Ron, you see how it is. If I had my way, if they weren’t allowed to speak in public, this sort of confusion wouldn’t arise!

  9. Ron Britton Says:

    That’s right! Blame society! Typical liberal.

  10. sue blue Says:

    Blastocysts? Blastocycsts? What about the sperm and ova????!!!! My God, all those potential people being spewed out to die on the sheets or in the depths of a colon! Those innocent eggs sucked into the bloody lining of a maxi-pad or tampon! When will it end? Any why didn’t God, in His mighty omniscient omnipotence, make it so women only squeezed out an ova and men a single sperm when necessary, within the sacred confines of holy matrimony? Why, oh Lord, Why???!!!!

    We have simply got to stop all the masturbating and menstruating. Now, while there’s still time. There’s only six billion humans on earth….

  11. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Ugh. Stop reminding me how many humans there are. It’s so disgusting how concerned with reproductive cells the fundies are when there are so many human children already born who lack food and sanitation. All they can do is point to programs that hand out birth control to help reduce the number of starving children and complain about it. It’s really very disgusting.

    I won’t even get into the number of species that have become instinct due to human overpopulation.

    Once we’ve started colonizing and terraforming other worlds, breed to your heart’s content! But the Earth — she is full.

  12. Parrotlover77 Says:

    lol. extinct, not instinct. FYWP

  13. sue blue Says:

    But….but…won’t someone please think of the gametes? Where are the Republican senators who will stand up for the semen stains out there? And with cloning technology getting better and better, it won’t be long before every one of those millions of skin cells you shed all day could be potential people too. That’d be murder and suicide all rolled into one. Somebody’s got to make some laws!

    Seriously, why don’t these Concerned American Christians ever think their arguments all the way through?

  14. Jeff Eyges Says:

    Seriously, why don’t these Concerned American Christians ever think their arguments all the way through?

    This would presuppose that they think in the first place.