Oh, NOW They Discover the Establishment Clause!

Congress shall make no law (unless it benefits MY religion)

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The thing I love about fundies is that they are so stupendously, mindblowingly non-self-aware. Forget about the world being destroyed by the Large Hadron Collider. At this very moment, all fundie irony is coalescing in Connecticut. We’re on the verge of witnessing ironic critical mass. Our world is about to be consumed by a giant black hole of fundie irony.

I’ll let Marcia Segelstein of One News Now fill us in:

In May of this year, attorneys for the American Center for Law & Justice…

FYI, the ACLJ is Pat Robertson’s Bizarro World anti-ACLU.

…contacted Connecticut’s Commissioner for the Department of Children and Families. There was a problem. The Family Institute of Connecticut…

The Family Institute of Connecticut is the typical hate-loving, anti-freedom organization that fundies set up at every opportunity.

…had drawn to their attention the fact that the DCF’s website (a government website supported by public funds) contained links to groups promoting a pro-homosexual interpretation of the Bible and religion, including Christianity.

That’s right. The fundies are upset because somebody else’s interpretation of the Bible has been endorsed by the Connecticut government.

In its official letter, the ACLJ attorneys charged that the Department of Children and Families had violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment by promoting one set of religious beliefs on its website, in effect favoring one religion over another.

So is THAT what the Establishment Clause is for? What an Earth-shattering revelation! Where have they been hiding that thing all these years?

According to the letter, the Safe Harbor website, sponsored by DCF, “promotes religious views and reasons for advocating the LGBT lifestyle.”

“…These state agencies have no business getting involved in the religious viewpoint on the LBGT issues at all and certainly not clearly on one side of the debate.”

Absolutely! Imagine what would happen if the government let one religious viewpoint set policy on important things such as stem cell research and marriage rights and abortion rights! That would be intolerable!

5 Responses to “Oh, NOW They Discover the Establishment Clause!”

  1. george.w Says:

    Wait… this is over a link? Tell you what, ACLJ, we’ll put a link to your site too, under the heading of “whiny little bitches.

  2. YogaforCynics Says:

    Fundamentalists are people who consider themselves oppressed when they’re not allowed to force their beliefs on everybody else…

  3. mu Says:

    Right-wing authoritarians need to feel oppressed, that’s one of the ways they justify their excesses.

  4. Jeff Eyges Says:

    Oh, this is just too rich.

    You’re right, Ron, they are monumentally self-unaware. I’m 52, I’ve been observing this cognitive dissonance all of my life – and I still find it mind-boggling. How people can go through life so completely oblivious to their own behavior is beyond me.

  5. Bunkie Says:

    Nice one, Ron! Can’t get much more ironic than that 🙂

    That little letter by the ACLJ is bound to come back to bite them at some point (one would think….)