Jerry Falwell, B.I.H. (Burn in Hell)

I don’t believe in heaven and hell, but if I did, I’m sure Jerry Falwell would be in the latter.

When Falwell died last week, my first reaction was elation. Some people claim that it’s impolite to speak ill of the dead, let alone dance on their grave. I disagree. If somebody is as vile and evil as Falwell, we should all rejoice at his passing.

I wasn’t sure what to write that could properly eulogize this fiend. Then I came across this YouTube video of Christopher Hitchens on CNN:

[Video removed by those fascists at Time Warner]

4 Responses to “Jerry Falwell, B.I.H. (Burn in Hell)”

  1. ericsan Says:

    You should have caught him on Hannity and Colmes. Those douchebags got him on under the false pretense of offering the “opposite point of view” but ended up attacking him from the get go, for being “mean to his family”. Hitchens was obviously prepared and returned blow for blow, debunking all the bullshit spewed by those idiots. You really have to get a hold of that video, it’s awesome.

    Now. talking about fundies being nuts… in case you missed it, some moron microwaved his baby (the baby survived) and now his wife blames… you guessed it, the devil. The poor husband is innocent, he was only possessed. Call me a little Hitler, but I think people like that should be sterilized. Or microwaved.

    Five minutes on high should be sufficient

  2. Ron Britton Says:

    Hitchens probably was “mean to his family”. The guy is, to be blunt, not exactly a nice person to be around. I’ve met him, and once is enough.

    But just because somebody has a few problems with social skills doesn’t mean his ideas aren’t valid. I don’t think he’s the best ambassador for some of these ideas, but it’s probably good to have a “bad cop” around, so the rest of us can be “good cops”.

  3. Lepht Says:

    ah, Hitchens. we should just commission him to speak at religious leaders’ funerals on State money and watch the faithful happily leave the damn country.


  4. Bill Says:

    This is fucking messed up