Gideons Gored. Fundies Furious.

Tony Perkins of the Fundie Research Council recently gave us yet another example of why fundies are hazardous to our collective health, in his article “Gideons Replaced by Gore”.

According to one hotel, saving souls isn’t nearly as important as saving the environment.

That’s because hotels consume natural resources, not souls.

Under a policy that started last month, guests at the Gaia Napa Valley Hotel won’t find the Gideon Bible in their nightstand, but they will have a copy of Al Gore’s book on global warming. Apparently, hotel executives have decided to replace absolute Truth with An Inconvenient Truth, or better titled “Incomplete Truth.”

No, they’ve replaced an ancient fantasy with a book about climate change.

As one spokesman says, it’s the hotel’s attempt to “go green.”

It sounds like Tony Perkins is the one who has gone green—with envy. The Gideons’ 100-year monopoly on hotel rooms is showing a crack. He’s afraid this leak in the dam will get bigger. Quick, Tony! Stick your finger in the dyke! No, don’t. She might get mad.

They’ve also switched out traditional room features with solar lighting, recycled paper, and low-flow toilets. Thirty-five miles south, the Orchard Garden Hotel is following suit and others say they’ll do the same.

Tony’s crack is getting wider.

But not everyone thinks Al Gore’s truth will set them free. Let’s face it–a lot more people believe the prophetic events of the Bible will come to pass before the shaky predictions of An Inconvenient Truth.

Actually, I doubt that. Not everyone in the world is Christian, and not all Christians believe that Rapture is imminent. Global warming is fairly well accepted outside of the U.S. Tony may have already lost this battle on numbers alone.

Now I’m not against Christian stewardship…

Actually, it sounds like he is.

…but when nature worship takes the place of real worship, then America has bigger problems than people realize.

Nobody said anything about nature worship. We’re just talking about reducing carbon emissions so that we can all survive for a few more centuries.

When it comes to global warming, these hotels should be less worried about the heat and more concerned about the Light.

Tony should be less concerned with butting into everybody else’s affairs.

The thing that jumped out at me about this article was the underlying assumption Tony makes that we don’t have to worry about the environment, because the end of the world is nigh anyway. If you know you’re about to die, why not blow all your money on booze and hookers? This attitude is prevalent among the rapture-ready.

I’ve noticed a lot of global warming deniers among the fundies. Just go to any of the major fundie websites, and you’ll see these types of articles. It’s fine if they want to leave their crops in the field to die, but they have no right to destroy ours.

7 Responses to “Gideons Gored. Fundies Furious.”

  1. vjack Says:

    I have never understood the bible in hotel rooms thing. Does anybody have some history on how this strange arrangement came about? I’d be interested to know how this started and why it continues.

  2. Laika Says:

    One thing that fundies fail to realize is that those who don’t read the Bible won’t suddenly read it just because there’s one in their hotel room. Those who do read it probably brought their own in the first place. That, and if I’m not mistaken, Jesus did say that nobody was to know the date of the Rapture in the first place, so why do these fundies keep saying that it’s near? I’ll never understand fundies.

    vjack: Here’s a Straight Dope article on that:

  3. James Says:

    First of all, the story was originally reported incorrectly and widely distributed. The hotel rushed to open, and just forgot to provide the traditional bibles (see — and have corrected the situation.

    Laika, good link on how it started … and for why it continues … simply put: changed lives. People check into hotels for many reasons. 1. Most are traveling. 2. Some are there for less noble purposes (no need to expound). And 3. Some are trying to escape their troubles. It’s this last group that makes it worthwhile for hotels and motels to be sure all its rooms are stocked with the world’s most popular book of hope and meaning. For those intending to check in and not check out through the front desk, but be scraped off the room surfaces, it’s a proven lifesaver.

    Funny … I would imagine that Al’s book would have the opposite effect. I mean, if I were depressed, checked into a room to mull over doing away with myself, and stumbled onto an “inconvenient opinions” book and actually believed it, I’d probably be convinced to end it all right there and then!

    Of course, I think that those who get all weird about Bibles being in hotel rooms would change their mind if their significant others were in category 2 with someone else, and just happened to get cold feet after reading a few of the pages in the good book.

  4. Jalestra Says:

    If the book is what changed their mind, I’d put paid to that relationship real fast. One would hope people don’t need a book to tell them it’s wrong…then again, I suppose such idiots are out there. Alot.

  5. James Says:

    You’ve got a point, Jalestra. And you’re right … there are a lot of folks that don’t know what’s right and wrong. They just haven’t been taught it, or, more likely, have been taught in our schools that if they FEEL it’s OK, then it’s OK. That it might be wrong for someone else, but might be right for you. Reading the words on paper from the ultimate authority certainly does have a tendency to speak to the heart. Thanks for your response.

  6. Laika Says:

    I always thought the reason for Bibles in hotel rooms nowadays is simply
    because it’s traditional to put Bibles in hotel rooms.

    “have been taught in our schools that if they FEEL it’s OK, then it’s OK.”
    Wait, I’m a student now, but I’ve only gotten the opposite message from my schooling, and I’ve been to several public schools. Is this something that’s taught only in 10-12 grades? I’m not there yet.

    “Of course, I think that those who get all weird about Bibles being in hotel rooms would change their mind if their significant others were in category 2 with someone else, and just happened to get cold feet after reading a few of the pages in the good book. ”
    I suppose that’s the theory behind having Bibles in hotel rooms, but how often does an adamant athiest convert to Christianity that way? What would interest them in the Bible in the first place?

  7. MizT Says:

    Maybe it would cheer up the depressed who check into hotel rooms to read the Bible. This verse is great…

    Kings 18:27
    But Rabshakeh said unto them, Hath my master sent me to thy master, and to thee, to speak these words? hath he not sent me to the men which sit on the wall, that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you?

    It just communicates such great purpose and meaning to life.