Passive Resistance

I was in the local Barnes & Noble recently. I wandered over to the Religion section to see if there was anything especially alarming that I hadn’t seen yet.

Then I discovered that next to that was a section they call Religious Fiction. Here you’ll find crap like Left Behind and other “inspiring” stories of Armageddon.

I realized that the store was having difficulty keeping their shelves organized. I must help them! So I went over to the Religion section, grabbed a Bible, and refiled it correctly under Religious Fiction.

No need to thank me.

Of course the Bible is for dummies!

2 Responses to “Passive Resistance”

  1. IsThatLatin Says:


    Shame on you…

    *har har*


  2. Brian Says:

    As a former Barnes & Noble employee, I find this really funny. You might be interested to know that out of the 3 different stores I worked in each had a very high number of atheists/agnostics on the staff, compared to other places I have been. I suppose it has something to do with that whole educational, love-of-reading thing. Religious customers were always the ones that were the most difficult to deal with. They’d get pissed off about Harry Potter or Richard Dawkins being sold, or the lastest book criticizing George W. Bush. They really thought since they didn’t like something no one else should be permitted to read it. Fortunately B&N had a very enlightened policy about freedom of speech and to my knowledge never caved to public calls to ban something, unlike Borders.