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Anybody can throw up a website and claim to be a ministry. This is appropriate, because most ministries make me throw up. I just came across this loon, who runs Love God’s Way Ministries.

Originally, there seemed to be some debate about whether this was a genuine fundie nutball or a parody site designed to sell music. I figure the above image pretty much nails him as a parody. That’s too bad. It would be far funnier if it were real.

Kevin found the video for us. Looks fake to me. (YouTube page is here.)

Below is an excerpt from his website. I’m sure Ted Nugent appreciates being on the same list with Elton John, Queen, the Village People and … Cole Porter?

Gay bands

13 Responses to “Love Poe’s Way”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I love that guy. I found one of his songs a while ago, but forget where it was. The underlined “Jonas Brothers” was great.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Found it (tinyurl’d for length):

    You can pretty much tell that he’s trying to be a parody. Or maybe there’s a reverse Poe’s Law, where a fundie can be so into it that it looks like a parody? I’m not sure.

  3. dvsrat Says:

    This does look like a parody. Then again I was sure that Ray Comfort’s banana video was a parody the first time I saw it.

  4. Gustavo Keener Says:

    For a guy who sounds so… Well, I think some of the bands on the list are hilarious, and the song should be considered as satire.

  5. Syldoran Says:

    I find it amusing that Nickelback’s on there.

    Granted, 40-50% of their songs are sex, but none of them promote gays . . . by the sound of their music, it might horrify them.

    Then again, parodies don’t have to make sense because they’re just amusing.

  6. Kevin Says:

    His new song seems fake, too. There are way too many double entendres for it to be serious.

  7. Allanimal Says:

    I can’t believe that the Butthole Surfers isn’t on that list, just from the name.

  8. (((Billy))) The Atheist Says:

    Cole Porter? How the hell could Cole Porter be on that list? Seriously, the few that I have heard of are crap. Please take him off the list. He’s cool. Manilow and Strait? No problem with me.

  9. RBH Says:

    And Frank Sinatra? Egads!

  10. Lindsay Says:

    That list must have Pet Shop Boys and Judas Priest. The gayest of the gay bands and the most hard core leather band ever…c’mon!!!

  11. OtherRob Says:

    And he as Morrissey listed as “(?questionable?)”???

  12. miguel Says:

    Hilarious. I think the list would be significantly shorter if they just posted the bands they thought were ok to listen to.

  13. Nikki Says:

    Sigur Ros? Really? It’s not like most Americans can understand what they’re saying anyway. And apparently being a nudist is worse than being gay… apparently he didn’t look into the sexual orientation of the lead singer