Comment of the Day, #6

Giant dog turd

(Image from And I am not Lying)

I started the Comment of the Day feature about a year ago, and then I somehow forgot about it. The idea is to highlight comments that I find especially funny or insightful. The last one I featured was 11 months ago. I don’t know how it slipped my mind. There have been some good comments since then.

As I said back when I started it, I’m using the loose definition of “day” that they use in Genesis. Who (outside of the literal extremists) really knows how long a day is? Right now, it looks like about 11 months.

The first recipient of the Comment of the Day honor was Sue Blue. In the days that followed, we honored LadyRavana, Barbara, Brian, and Bing McGhandi. Since Sue Blue started this off, it is fitting that she reinaugurate the feature. Responding to my quick blurb about the (((Carnival))) of the Godless, she writes:

All I can say is this is what happens when the right wing religionut society finishes scraping the bottom of the barrel and goes on to dredging the deepest, dankest shitpits of hell.

6 Responses to “Comment of the Day, #6”

  1. YogaforCynics Says:

    Wow…kinda hard to write a comment without feeling inadequate after that…

  2. sue blue Says:

    Thanks for the honor….and is that picture what I think it is? Did the artist get a NSA grant for that?

    More trenchant comments to follow!

  3. Kevin Says:

    I just like the word “shitpit.” It sounds almost fun!

  4. Ron Britton Says:

    Sue Blue:

    Follow the link under the picture for the whole story. He didn’t get an NSA grant, because it happened in Switzerland.

  5. sue blue Says:

    Ron, that is just so…weird. And funny. Really, really funny – I think I might have herniated myself. How do you find this stuff?

  6. Ron Britton Says:

    Sue Blue:

    Most of these pictures I find through a Google image search. Sometimes I luck out and find something really fast. Sometimes it takes me quite a while. I have standards to uphold, you know.

    The above picture I found in just a couple of minutes. My search term was something like “hell shit” (but that doesn’t seem to work today).

    I also have a large collection of images I’ve collected over the years, just waiting for an article. The Anal Intruder from a few posts back had been sitting patiently waiting for an anus for a couple of years.