Kangaroos: Behind the Scenes, Part 2

Can I have her when you're done?

Now we’re going to have even more fun with the Conservapedia article on kangaroos. Oh, will the hilarity never end? Not when you’re dealing with fundies!

In my first post, we laughed at the article itself. In my second post, we laughed at the Talk page. In this post (which completes the Holy Trinity), we will look at the article’s History page.

I went through most of the old versions of the article, looking for the various forms of vandalism that have been done to the article by various critics. These “improvements” don’t last long. There are apparently fundies who have nothing better to do all day than to watch Conservapedia looking for vandalism.

The quotations below are from different versions of the article that were posted, at least briefly, before being removed by fundies. The graphics are just things I made or found elsewhere.


Thank you for reading our massive crock of shit.

How Conservapedia is created.


It’s called evolution. Deal with it. Because it’s completely logical that a giant boat carried all the animals of the world through some sort of amazing flood. Sometimes I feel like crying because you’re all so ridiculously insane

No transitional fossils.


You people are a disgrace to humanity and the laughing-stock of the world. You people embarrass Americans when you say things like “All kangaroos come from the two on Noah’s Ark.” Your stupidity knows no bounds.

We have the fossils.
(Image from Fundies Say the Darndest Things)


According to the origins theory model used by creation scientists, modern kangaroos, like all modern animals, originated in the Middle East along with Ewoks and Teletubbies.

Jerry Falwell once claimed that the Teletubbies are gay.


This page is all bollocks.

Allegedly the dinosaurs wanted to destroy the ark.


Another theory supposes that kangaroos were bred on Noah’s Ark for entertainment as boxers by mating a donkey and a rabbit.

Naughty rabbit.


[L]ike all life, kangaroos were created by the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Creation of the kangaroo.


According to the origins theory model used by lame-brains who believe in the literal truth of the Bible…

Lame brain.


In other cases, if a larger male is checking a female out, she may just move away; this is called rejection. Sometimes, when a male is checking out a female, the female will urinate for the male (golden showers), who will sniff the urine. Some studies show that this ritual is for the male to see if the female kangaroo is receptive to him or not. Others think they’re just kinky little buggers.

Kangaroo Voyeurs.


Sometimes the kangaroos will scratch each other’s tails or the male will give the female a back rub until she gets very, very wet; this is called foreplay.


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