(((Carnival))) of the Godless

They've never been pro-life

The latest Carnival of the Godless is up over at (((Billy))) the Atheist.

You should have a glance at all of the articles, but the one I thought was the most spot-on was “‘God Sent the Shooter:’ White Christian Terrorism and the Assassination of George Tiller” by Sikivu Hutchinson. She writes:

So while the U.S. condemns Muslim religious fundamentalism and trumpets itself as a beacon for individual and civil liberties unbridled by theocratic intolerance, it has become a breeding ground for the most dangerous Christian fundamentalist terrorist movement in the world.

2 Responses to “(((Carnival))) of the Godless”

  1. sue blue Says:

    But…but…but that guv’mint report about dangerous rightwing and religious extremism in America was all horse shit, wasn’t it? Fux News says so!!!! Obama wants to take our guns away, so we gotta use ’em before he does!!!! And them ‘bortionists ain’t real Americans anyway….right? Neither are them baby-killin’ tree-huggin, Prius-drivin’ liberals. I bet Tiller didn’t even have a gun. Pussy.

    Crap. I have to stop. I can’t even stand to write parody about these wastes of human flesh. All I can say is this is what happens when the right wing religionut society finishes scraping the bottom of the barrel and goes on to dredging the deepest, dankest shitpits of hell.

  2. YogaforCynics Says:

    Gotta say, when my good progressive friends get bothered by the media talking about “Islamic terrorism,” I agree with them, but only because the term “Christian terrorism” isn’t used, as well. Except for the mystical/liberal/ecumenical fringes (which are what universalists mean when they say “all religions), the great monotheisms are, ultimately, religions with hatred built right in.