Steve Jobs, Messiah

Here is an undoctored, unretouched photograph from Reuters. It shows Apple CEO Steve Jobs and EMI Group CEO Eric Nicoli at their press conference on Monday.

Steve Jobs and Eric Nicoli

What really jumped out at me was the similarity to medieval art, specifically this motif:

Painting of Jesus with halo

Notice that the halo is not portrayed as a ring hovering over the head; rather, it is a disk that surrounds the head. This was a common way of showing divinity in paintings of the period.

I don’t know if the photographer thought it would be funny to frame the picture that way, or if it just happened. If the picture is accidental, then maybe Steve Jobs’ massive ego is justified. He really is the Savior of Computing (and the rest of the world)! Of course Nicoli also has a halo around him. Maybe that just means that he has been absorbed into Jobs’ famous reality distortion field.

The second coming?

2 Responses to “Steve Jobs, Messiah”

  1. Jalestra Says:

    Hon, that’s not a halo, that’s a bullseye. ROFL

  2. ericsan Says:

    Given the choice, I’d rather worship Steve Jobs than a crack in a New Jersey apartment window or a half-eaten grilled cheese sandwich. YMMV.