Fundies’ Own Web Site Admits No Christian Persecution in U.S.

I was looking around the website of One News Now, which is one of the major fundie “news” sites. Right there on the front page, I saw that they had a link to Persecution News! That’s right. The fundies are so convinced they’re being persecuted that they have devoted an entire section of their website to it.

I went to that page. They have 22 articles spanning the last three months. Most of the articles are about Christian persecution in China and North Korea (To clarify, that’s persecution of Christians, not persecution by Christians. Considering their track record, you can be excused if you thought it meant the latter.), with a smattering of other countries thrown in. Not one of those articles is about persecution of Christians within the U.S.!

The next time you hear the fundies whining about some supposed slight, just remember that their own data shows they aren’t being persecuted here.

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